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Our Homecheckers personally visit the properties, creating professional virtual tours in order to offer you the best experience

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Manage your own schedule. Ideal for balancing work with studies or any other project

Earn money

Save up to pay for your hobbies and trips!

Do what you love

Take photos and videos. Visit cool properties and meet new people every day!

become a homechecker

What is the Homechecker's mission?

All of Spotahome's properties are personally verified by a member of the team. Our listings are a truthful, and realistic view of the properties: you will open doors, fridges, and windows and show all aspects of your future home! Spotahome is looking for Homecheckers in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria and Dubai!

What you need to become a Homechecker?

Photography skills

You don't need to be a pro; you just need passion


You'll be working as a freelancer

International spirit

Good command of English (B2 or higher) and the local language

Equipment needed

Your own camera or last generation smartphone

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Real people, real experiences

It's not just about taking great photos and videos. Your personality and charm are key to keeping tenants and landlords engaged.

Marco, Berlin

I love visiting cool properties, meeting different landlords everyday and getting to know every corner of the city

Clothilde, Barcelona

The flexibility is great and is easy to combine with studies and other jobs. Plus I can travel whenever I want and practice my hobbies

Alejandro, Madrid

The team is always helpful and the onboarding is very smooth

Are you ready to become a Homechecker?

You’ll be the face of a globally disruptive startup; Spotahome’s Ambassador to the world. Millions of people will watch your videos, see your photos, and trust you to help them find their next home.

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