5 Breathtaking Parks in Madrid You Should Visit

Madrid is magical. And for a traditional Spanish city, it sure does have a surprising amount of absolutely breathtaking parks where you can chill away your worries and enjoy the Spanish sun. And it’s not just grass – these parks feature rose gardens, mazes and sunset views – what more could you ask for? So let’s explore some breathtaking parks in Madrid!

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5 Breathtaking Parks in Madrid You Should Visit


1. Jardines de Sabatini

Next to Palacio Real. Mazes. Fountains. Statues. Sand. Street musicians playing classical music. And on a hill with an amazing sunset view. It all just screams for a perfect date spot and a place to escape the city buzz. Jardines de Sabatini are named after Francesco Sabatini, an architect who designed the royal stables of the palace. The gardens are one of the best places to go if you’re looking to catch that stunning Madrid sunset or just take a break while overlooking the glorious Palacio Real. 

2. Rose Gardens in Retiro Park

While it’s more than known that the Retiro Park is one of the best parks in Madrid, it’s often so overwhelming most people don’t even have a chance to explore it in its true beauty. The best part about Retiro Park is without a doubt the stunning Rose Gardens where you can find a selection of 4000 roses. Warning: not for those with hay fever.

3. Campo del Moro

If the Jardines del Sabatini doesn’t impress you, Campo del Moro will. Still a part of the Palacio Real, Campo del Moro is an extremely picturesque park where you might even find a few peacocks if you’re lucky.

4. Parque del Oeste

Parque del Oeste is a much beloved park by Madrileños and as a bonus point, it’s just a few steps away. Make sure you venture out further than just a good old Templo de Debod visit – there is a lot more to do in this park (although you should end the day by watching the sunset in Templo de Debod).

Fall in love again and again with this place 😍

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5. Parque Quinta De Los Molinos

Yep, Quinta de Los Molinos isn’t in Madrid city centre, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. This fabulous park is a hidden gem and an escape for people who prefer to avoid the crowds of tourists. It’s secret? It features breathtaking blossoming almond trees (if you visit it in spring).

What are your favorite breathtaking parks in Madrid?

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  1. Great post, Mandy! These parks are awesome, but Retiro was definitely my favorite as I loved rowing on the lake and watching the street performers!

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