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how to get French citizenship 0

Guide on How to Get French Citizenship

You might still be reeling from the results of Brexit. Or maybe you’re from the U.S. and have had to deal with visa applications ever since you can remember. Whatever your reason, if you’re...

Things You Didnt Know About Lyon 1

8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lyon

As a city with over 2000 years of history, it’s no wonder Lyon hides a multitude of secrets. Whether you live here, plan to move here or are just passing through, read these 8 facts you didn’t...


The Best Places to Live in Lyon

Lyon will forever compete with Marseille for the title of France’s 2nd city, but its reputation as the country’s gastronomical capital remains undisputed. Welcome to the City of Light. Lyon’s luminous nickname stems from an...

Spotahome Guide: Moving to France 5

Spotahome Guide: Moving to France

We know moving abroad is often a daunting task – no matter how much prepared you are for your move, there is always something that you didn’t think about. Nervous about your move? Don’t...

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