For Landlords is the first online booking platform for medium to long term property rental. As a landlord you decide how long the property will be rented. Spotahome contacts students and professionals interested in living in your city while they are still in their country of origin.

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Booking process and tenant's arrival

How works:

  1. In order to publish a property on, our team conducts a professional review of the property, which includes a photography session, the recording of a video tour, creation of a floor plan and a detailed description in English of the property, all provided at no cost by
  2. Our potential tenants - professionals and foreign students - navigate an interactive map and select the properties they love.
  3. We clarify any doubts they may have about the reservation. To do this, our team provides customer service in different languages. You do not have to worry about anything, will not receive phone calls, emails or continuously need to show your flat without knowing if it will rent or not.
  4. The tenant fills out an application for a reservation and pays the first month's rent through
  5. We send the owner a request with relevant information about the tenant who has booked (age, nationality, place of work or study, dates of entry and exit, etc.). You can accept or reject the tenant within a maximum period of 24 working hours.
  6. If you accept, we put you in touch directly with the tenant to sign the rental contract and we initiate the transfer of the first month's rent.


  1. Thousands of tenants look for accommodation on our website daily.
  2. Publishing your property on is totally free.
  3. Professional photography, a floor plan, a description in native English and customer service, all at our expense.
  4. We only work with international students or professionals.
  5. We only charge a commission if you accept our reservation.

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Quote Chus
Chus Santos, property owner, renting several rooms in the Salamanca district of Madrid:
>“"Having Spotahome in my life has been a great surprise. You think, "Why is there no one who...?" and then they go and do it. They contacted me, came to take the photos, published the room on their website and found a wonderful Japanese student to live in my house. All of this in record time and with the utmost professionalism and care."

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