Example Contract (English)

The below is a sample contract for this landlord. Please be aware that some terms may be subject to change.

This sample contract has been machine translated from a document originally in Spanish. Sections may be unclear, and there may be differences from the actual contract.


In the city of Madrid, on XX of XXXX 20XX.


THE FIRST PARTY, AS A DELEGATE OF THE OWNER or ASSIGNOR, [landlord] and with CIF and registered office in C / [...] Madrid. From now on, THE GRANTOR.

THE SECOND PARTY, AS A GOVERNOR, Don / Dña. _______________, of legal age, with D.N.I / Passport ______________ and address in _______________, _________, ____________. From now on THE ASSIGNEE.

Intervening both parties mutually acknowledge the legal capacity necessary to grant this contract of Assignment of Use of Room, based on the following:


FIRST: Object, content and destination

The grantor grants the right of use to the other intervening party in a room for individual use, and will be expressly ruled by the ends included in this contract, or failing that, by the provisions of the Civil Code. The room is located in the house located in Calle ___________________, _________________, Madrid whose surface, conditions, circumstances and state of conservation, as well as those of the rest of the building of which it is part, are communicated, and therefore known, And expressly accepted by the assignee. The use of the room must respond only to the accommodation of the assignee, prohibiting the performance of professional activities, harmful or dangerous, or any other nature other than housing. The room object of this contract will be the number X of the house. This contract is not considered a regular housing contract.

SECOND: Duration

Based on the legal nature of this contract, it will have a duration of XX months. The duration will take place in the period between XX of XXXX XXXX and XX of XXXX XXXX.

The grantor with two months notice, may terminate the contract by notifying the other party of the withdrawal.

At the end of this contract, the assignee will be obliged to return the room object of the same, under the same conditions in which it was received.

THIRD: Monthly Fee.

The room rate is XXX EUROS (€XXX) per month.

FOURTH: Payment of the fee.

The payment of the quota of this assignment will be made in advance within the first 3 calendar days of each month, by direct debit or bank transfer. To this end, the assignee must enter the mentioned fee in the bank account, whose data we provide below:     Entity: Headline: IBAN: SWIFT BANK CODE:

FIFTH: Management and Administration Expenses.

In addition, the amount of XXX EUROS (€XXX) will be paid for administration and contract management costs, which will be delivered by the transferee at the time of the reservation. It will only be returned in case the grantor decides not to rent the room.

SIXTH: Collection Guarantee.

The assignee of the room hereby hands over to the grantor as a guarantee of collection of rent, possible damages and fulfillment of the other obligations of the contract, the amount of XXX EUROS (€XXX), this is established by the conditions previously detailed in the second clause, granting the cedent the most firm letter of payment. The amount delivered by the assignee for this purpose will be returned to him within 30 days, following the end of his stay, as established by law, provided he fulfills the obligations of this contract (in no case If the fee given as collateral will be applied to the payment of the last monthly payment).

The guarantee will be forfeited if the assignee unilaterally terminates the contract before the end of the contract.

Extraordinarily, the money necessary for the repair of possible damages caused on the objects of the house or its belongings or to restore any object in case of disappearance will be deducted from the amount delivered as guarantee. If the cause of the damage is not identified, all other assignees of the property will be jointly and severally liable for their respective guarantee fees, without prejudice to the fact that they can then take appropriate action against the person responsible for the damage. The room must be delivered in the same state of cleanliness and order that was at the time of delivery, if this clause is not complied with, the grantor will reserve the right to contract a cleaning service, the amount of which will be deducted from the amount given as warranty.


A. GRANTOR'S OBLIGATIONS: 1. The Grantor is obliged to make all repairs that are necessary to keep the dwelling in correct conditions of habitability. The assignee hereby declares in this act and through the signing of this contract, to know and receive the room in perfect condition, with all its services, accessories, furniture and complete equipment, coming obliged to its conservation. Due to the above, the property will not perform a maintenance service (replacement of fused light bulbs, flushing of toilets or sinks, appliances, etc.). The property is committed to guarantee the proper functioning of the premises and supplies of the dwelling (electricity, gas, plumbing, etc.), but the expenses incurred by the ordinary and daily use of locks will be borne by the assignee , Switches, faucets, WC valves, doors, furniture, fixtures, water installations, electricity, appliances, light bulbs. 2. The assignee has 5 days to notify the defects considered to have been prior to the date of occupation, counted from the day he arrives at the house, such as faults of appliances, systems or furniture. After this period, any damage or damage will be presumed caused by the guest and being assumed by him. The company [...] can handle incidents and maintenance, at a cost of €20 per actuation if requested by the guest, in addition to the settlement invoice. The invoice of not being a direct cause will be prorated between each one of the assignees and in any case not to be paid in the act will be deducted from the amount delivered as collateral. 3. Electricity, gas and water expenses are borne by the property or grantor, as well as the expenses of neighboring community, property tax (IBI). When invoices of (water, electricity and gas) exceed the amount of €40 per person / month, the excess will also be passed on to the assignee in equal parts.

Expenses included (electricity, water and gas if any) Charges not included Internet included Internet not included

4. The assignee, when he begins to reside in the house, will have a set of keys of the house for his personal use, which will be returned at the end of the assignment of use of one of the rooms of the property object of this contract . In the event that the assignee does not return the keys delivered at the time of entry, the amount delivered as collateral will not be returned. 5. In this act, an attachment will be delivered to the assignee with rules of conduct and special instructions (door-to-door, trash collection service, etc.) 6. If the price of the monthly payment includes the cleaning service (in which case the corresponding box must be marked), the assignees will be entitled to a cleaning service of the common areas of the apartment (kitchen, toilet, Being, etc.). The rooms will only be cleaned when the door is open and in perfect order. Any change of schedule and / or reduction will be notified as far in advance as possible and in any case this service will be offered in a manner proportional to the occupation and will not be made if the days fixed with non-working days or holidays coincided. Cleaning included Cleaning not included

B. OBLIGATIONS OF THE ASSIGNEE: 1. The assignee agrees to pay the monthly fee, in the first three days of each month. From the fourth day will be accrued € 5 for each day of delay in the payment corresponding to the monthly payment. This amount will be paid even if the assignee is absent from the dwelling, for vacations or for other reasons and does not pay the monthly fee during the first three months of each month, as agreed. 2. Visits of friends or relatives will be received in the apartment with the consent of the other assignees. Exceptionally they could stay to sleep guests whenever they are of their entire confidence, with the consent of the other assignees and previous payment of €10 per night and person. 3. Smoking is not allowed. 4. The assignee will respect the rules of the community of neighbors, and will have special care with the noises. Thus, any social event (dinners, parties, celebrations, etc.) will not exceed in any case 12 midnight (24h). Any complaints of the neighbors for these causes will incur a penalty of €50 that will be deducted from the deposit to which it provokes them. 5. The schedule of the apartment is the one set by common agreement by the assignees. Also considered to be contract rules are the reasonable living standards that the occupants of the house decide by majority, such as the distribution of household tasks: to lower the garbage, to clean the kitchen, to collect the mail, etc., when these were not carried out by Other people (service personnel, porter of the estate, etc.) 6. The grantor shall not be liable for the theft and damage of the property deposited on the floor by the other assignees. 7. The assignee will respect the decoration of the house and, unless expressly authorized by the owner, will not introduce other furniture in the house. It is not allowed to make holes in the walls (no nails, no alcayatas, no tacos, etc.) 8. Each assignee will leave free and collected common areas during cleaning hours. The cleaning services do not include the task of making bed or washing kitchen utensils, putting dishwashers, doing the laundry or ironing. 9. The animals inside the floor are prohibited. 10. The possession of weapons is not allowed; Nor the consumption of any type of drugs (nor the abusive consumption of alcoholic beverages). 11. In the event that the assignee incurs criminal liability for crime or misconduct, whether on the floor or outside it, will be expelled from the accommodation. 12. In case of expulsion of the accommodation for the reasons described in this contract, the amount delivered as guarantee or the amounts paid in advance will not be refunded. 13. The grantor reserves the right to enter the apartment without previous communication for maintenance or inventory review. 14. The resident will allow the visit to the apartment and to his room during the thirty days prior to his departure, after communication by the grantor. The resident will not be entitled to a refund of partial amounts of rent if the month does not finish.


The PARTIES hereby agree, waiving any applicable jurisdiction, that any dispute or discrepancy relating to the existence, validity, interpretation, scope, content, execution, suspension or termination of the contract or any supplementary document or document that develops or supplements it, Whether or not attached to the present, as a result of the contrary opinions held by THE PARTIES, in short any dispute or matter related to or arising from the application or interpretation of the contract, shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

And in proof of conformity for all the foregoing, the parties subscribe the present document in duplicate and to a single effect in the place and date at the beginning reviewed.

         Signature of the Assignor Signature of the Assignee