What is Spotahome?

Spotahome is a platform that lets you book a home in another country for periods of one month or more. Unlike traditional property listing web sites, we visit each property ourselves in person, write our own detailed descriptions, and take professional quality photos. We then allow you to directly book online.

Who is Spotahome for?

We aim to serve people who will work or study abroad in Spain, Italy France, Belgium, the UK or Ireland, allowing them to book their housing in advance before arriving to the country. However anyone who needs housing for more than one month is welcome to use the site.

How do I search for a place to live?

Enter your dates, type of property and price range, and then search! Relevant listings will show up as points on the map. You can click on the point for some quick info, and then click on the photo or title for the full property description.

I found a place I like - can I visit it in person before booking?

As an online booking site, in-person viewings is not a service we offer. We put a lot of effort into providing you the most accurate and high-quality information about the property so you can be confident about making your booking. In addition to the detailed descriptions, videos, professional photos, and floorplans on our website, our customer service representatives are available to answer any other questions you may have on the phone, by email or by chat.

Are bills included in the price of a rental?

The answer to this question varies for each property. Each listing has a section called "Bills included" that specifies which bills are included.

How do I find the address of a property?

We don't publish the exact address of the properties, however at the bottom of left of the main photo of each listing you can click on a button that says "Where is this property?" to see its location on the map.

I’ve decided on a place - how do I book it?

You can reserve the property by hitting “Book now” on the property listing page, filling out the short online application and paying a one time booking fee and the first month’s rent. Once you authorize this payment, we send your booking to the landlord, who has two days to accept or decline the booking. Upon his acceptance, we would complete the payment and put you in touch directly with the landlord.

How does the payment process work?

At Spotahome we use PayPal to make payment authorizations. You put in your credit card information via PayPal, showing your real intention to book the room. We send your rental application form to the landlord, and he has two business days to accept your booking. If for any reason he doesn't accept, we would offer you other options, and if none of them suit you, we would cancel the payment authorization, never charging your credit card. For more details on the payment process, please visit our terms and conditions page.

Do I need a PayPal account to book through Spotahome?

No, you don't! You can pay via PayPal without having a PayPal account. Choose the option to "Pay by Credit Card" instead. You can also pay by bank transfer instead.

When do I sign the rental contract? Do I need to sign it before my arrival to the property?

You will not sign a rental contract until your arrival to the property. Once your booking request has been accepted, the room will be held for you and Spotahome staff will arrange for your move-in, by setting up a time for to meet the landlord at the property.  Once you arrive, you will have the chance to inspect the property. After making sure that everything in the apartment is as described, only then should you sign the rental contract.

Here is a video that explains the booking process and your arrival to the property:

What happens with the first month's rent I pay through Spotahome?

Once the Landlord confirms the Booking Request, Spotahome will capture the funds authorized by the tenant. That includes an amount equivalent to the first month's rent, plus Spotahome's non-refundable booking fee.

The first month's rent held by Spotahome will be transferred to the Landlord in the soonest of these two situations: When the landlord sends a copy of the signed lease agreement to Spotahome OR after 12 hours pass from the move-in date, with no complaint made by the tenant or the landlord.

What if something unexpected happens, making the apartment I booked unlivable or unavailable? Would Spotahome guarantee my booking?

In the case of a force majeure that makes your room unavailable for move-in, first we would offer other great rooms in the same area and price range, without any changes to your booking fee. However, if nothing suits you, we would refund you the first month's rent and booking fee in full. As for the case of the landlord changing his mind, that would be very unlikely, because in that case the Landlord would be charged a penalty by Spotahome. However, in that unlikely case, we would still offer you a full refund.

What happens if I moved into a Spotahome property and don't like it?

We aim to provide you the most complete property listings on the web, giving you all the information you need in order to be confident about your decision. We include detailed descriptions, photos, video tours and floor plans to give you a real sense of what it feels like to be in the property.

We would advise you to only book the property if you are sure about your decision, because once you check into the property there are only very specific circumstances where you could be fully refunded. You will have a 12 hour period to inspect the property for major defects (e.g. water leaks, infestation, mold), and if a defect is found that makes the property unlivable, you would be fully refunded. We also assure that the property is as we described on our website. Therefore, if what you find when you arrive is significantly different than what was described ad shown on our web site, that is also grounds for a full refund. For less serious issues, while we would not offer a refund, we can tell you that all of the landlords who work with Spotahome have signed a contract committing to fix those issues within a reasonable time frame.

If you decide not to sign the lease for a subjective reason that doesn't fit into one of the two above circumstances, we would not return the security deposit or booking fee that you paid to reserve the room. That is why we suggest that you only book a room that you are fully confident in.  However, if you face an extreme circumstance, while we cannot guarantee a refund, we do aim to make sure our tenants are treated fairly, and would try to help you in the situation. Please review our terms and conditions page for more information on cancellation policies.

If I rent a room in a shared flat and have a dispute with my co-tenants, what should I do?

Regarding any disputes with co-tenants, Spotahome is not responsible for any situation that occurs after you sign a lease contract with the Landlord. We are in the process of adding Landlord contracts to our web site, so that you would be able to review the Landlord's policies before making your booking.

In case of any disputes with the landlord, how do I resolve the matter? Would Spotahome be responsible for mediating a solution?

Regarding disputes with the Landlord, as mentioned above, Spotahome is not a party in the lease contract between you and the Landlord, therefore, once you sign a lease agreement, the legal relationship between you and the landlord is completely private, and Spotahome would not be responsible for any disputes. However, we would greatly appreciate if you would inform us of any problems with the Landlord, as we aim to work only with the best quality Landlords, and we would take that into consideration, as to whether or not to work with that Landlord in the future.

What if I have a question that’s not answered here?

Get in touch with our customer support team at hello@spotahome.com