Internships FAQ

Q: How long are the internships? A: Spotahome internships are open yearlong and can last according to your availability! Remember: this internship is to help you advance professionally. While ideally we would like to have you with us as long as possible, we understand that people have many other commitments. Both the duration and the timetable of your internship can be negotiated.

Q: What languages do I need to know in order to participate in a Spotahome internship? A: All our content is in English, therefore, being fluent in English is a must, but since we operate in many countries across Europe Spanish, Italian, French and other language skills are definitely a plus!

Q: Do I need previous work experience in order to apply for this internship? A: No professional experience is necessary, but we would like to know your personal interests, academic background and your area of experitise in order to make this as beneficial an experience for both you and Spotahome as possible!

Q: Will I be paid during my internship? A: Our internships are paid, and given the fact that we are an ever-expanding company, interns that show exceptional aptitude will be highly considered for working on a more permanent or freelance basis! We have a strong track record of hiring our interns. About 1 in 3 receive a job offer upon completing their internship.

Q: How do I know if Spotahome is right for me? A: We are a new and dynamic company which combines a great amount of fun into our professional strategy. Our team members, mainly consisting of young professionals, come from all over the world (Europe, Asia, North and South America) and we encourage an open dialogue among all employees and like to hear different opinions that can contribute to our goals. We encourage participation at all levels and in all areas and are open to you creating your own projects during your time with us if you wish to take that initiative! We are also a very tight-knit group that has weekly departmental meetings in addition to organising a monthly team outing to encourage company camaraderie (paintball, cinema, group dinners, etc.) We are also flexible when it comes to your availability and can accommodate your work schedule with you when necessary.

Q: How do I apply? A: If you are interested in interning at Spotahome, please send us an email with your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]. This e-mail should contain information on what you are studying, when you would like to start, the desired duration of internship, your availability during the week, etc. The internship can be either part or full-time. Please don’t forget to mention the position you’d like to participate in, in the subject of the message.

And, of course, we can also help you find an apartment or a room in Madrid! Contact us at and our customer support team will help you!

Thanks again for your interest in Spotahome!

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