Rooms in a spacious 6 bedroom, 3 bath apartment in Salamanca

Other bedrooms in this apartment

General info

What we liked the most

  • The house has an exceptional amount of common areas. The largest living area has exterior windows with lots of light, as well as three sofas, a large flat screen television, a large coffee table, and shelves. Off of this living room there is a long covered balcony with views to the street.
  • The two separate living rooms offer ample space and allow for plenty of privacy among roommates.
  • If you need to really concentrate, there is a separate room that is a dedicated work space. It has a large desk, and a very long worktable, so multiple people can work there at once. This study room also has nice views to the street.
  • The apartment building is located just two blocks away from the main building for IE Business School.

Things to keep in mind

  • The landlady, in her sixties, lives in the apartment. Her mother, in her eighties, might also come to live in the apartment for periods of time.