Being A Digital Nomad

What is a digital nomad? Definition by Merriam Webster “someone who performs their occupation entirely over the Internet while travelling”.

Since the pandemic sent shock waves all over the world in 2019, the number of people working remotely has risen greatly. This is something many would not have imagined for themselves previously but now, this has been made possible as an option for many people who previously did not have a chance.

Working remotely not only allows you the freedom to work as you wish but also, experience, see and taste the amazing things different countries have to offer.

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What Is Needed To Be A Digital Nomad?

In order to be a digital nomad you need to decide the length of your adventures. Once that is done you need to make sure you have a valid passport in order to move freely (if you need a visa for your passport make sure you get that sorted).

If you are thinking of venturing Europe here are a few spots that you may want to check out while you are here!

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Istanbul, Turkey

The beautiful city of Istanbul, one of the major city hubs in Turkey that is a clash of Europe and Asia reflected in the streets and culture of the city.

Istanbul was previously known as Constantinople. This was at a time when the Roman Empire was ruling the city until the mid 1400’s. During this period the city was taken over by the Ottoman Empire and renamed Istanbul as they gained control over the region.

The Roman Empire was Christian while the Ottoman Empire was Muslim, this reflects on the diversity of architecture within the city. In addition the city split into the Asian side and the European side. The difference in the pace of life, and the difference in the stores and restaurants on offer at each side allows you to immerse yourself in two worlds while you are in one city!

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Budapest, Hungary

The Capital of Hungary is located next to the Danube river and is a beautifully preserved city.

Known for its spa’s, these thermal baths are located throughout the city. The healing waters are the perfect way to end a stressful week balancing work, exploration and experiencing the cheap (if you have a currency attained outside of the) countries alcohol the city has to offer!

Budapest has a lot of charm especially if you can find a beautiful apartment in the city, it makes the experience well worth it exploring a gem many unfortunately overlook in Europe as a long term stop on their travels.

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Kraków, Poland

The southern city bordering the Czech Republic has an intriguing history. From its mediaeval buildings, to the rich history filled Jewish Quarter to one of the oldest clothing markets that dates back to the 13th century right in the middle of the city!

Moving to Kraków you will find endless historic moments that shaped the city and country to the way it is day. From the Oskar Schindler's Factory to the Wawel Royal Castle.

When people think of Poland they go to another beautiful city, Warsaw which is understandable but Krakow, this is a city you get charmed by the moment you immerse yourself in the city.

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Poznań, Poland

West of Poland there is another little city you should check out called Poznań.

This is a city full of Gothic architecture,  Renaissance buildings and colourful homes lining the streets. Poznań is a city for those who want a break from fast paced city life that has few tourists, with a great nightlife but allows you to quickly get in touch with nature.


Coimbra, Portugal

Stepping into Coimbra means stepping into the beginnings of what J K Rowling had for Harry Potter and no, we aren’t joking. The small riverfront city is home to students who wear the way university student Capa e Batina as part of their universities social clubs dress for certain events.  This is a uniform is best seen rather than described.

Coimbra is a university city so, walking around you will regularly run into masses of students who look like they have stepped out of the famous authors' books. But you have to go there to see it in person. It's fantastic!

If you want to be in a small but bustling young city that you can easily manoeuvre around, Coimbra is definitely a place you should check out.

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Vigo, Spain

Located in the northwest of Spain Vigo is a large fishing port but, don’t let that put you off. The coastal city has close proximity to the beach and with easy access to areas such as the Archipelago of Illas Cíes in Galicia which we highly recommend you check out while you are there.

Here you can find a brilliant apartment within the city and have a mix of city and beach life without compromise! If you want to live in a small (population roughly 300,000) but big city with friendly natives that bring a small town feel, check out this amazing city.


Tallinn, Estonia

The Estonian capital located next to the Baltic sea is an up and coming location for nomads.

If you are a nature lover but don’t want to miss out on city life you should check out Tallinn. The country as a whole has a lot of dense forest with just over 50% of the land covered in Forest! If you love to go for hikes or rock climbing regularly you will have plenty of trails and climbs you can do while you are there.

Moving to Tallinn you will find yourself in a small city and you can very easily feel at home while you are there.

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Seville, Spain

The capital of Andalusia. This is the place where the art of Flamenco was born!

Seville is one of the warmest areas in Spain with temperatures reaching as high as 36 degrees Celsius during the summer and 6 degrees Celsius during the winter months. Living in Seville you will never experience winter blues. This walkable city has so much character and soul paired with the year round blazing sun. There is a lot to love about Seville.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

Capital of the Balkan nation Bulgaria south east of Europe the streets have elements of the Byzantine Empire that fell in the 1400’s but left amazing structures dotted around the city.

With a population of 1.3 million people within the city Sofia the city holds a lot of diversity in people who come to the city to work and study. There are a lot of archaeological sites and museums within the city for those who love to delve deeper into the history of the city you are situated in.

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Florence, Italy

Located in the Tuscan region, home to many iconic sites such as the Duomo and Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”. The Renaissance art within Florence is in abundance and your new home will be no exception.

For art lovers this is absolutely a spot that you need to immerse yourself within! The vibrant areas and amazing sensational variety of foods you can try make this a place you can’t miss while going on your adventures.

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Thinking About Being A Nomad?

It may be a scary step to take but it is definitely worth it! You get to travel the world without having to uproot your whole life and find a new job in your career or even leave a job that you love. If you are thinking of being a digital nomad, we say GO FOR IT. The world is your oyster, go out and explore it!

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