Love is like a home, when you find the right one you will never want to leave it. Happy holidays you romantic freaks, we at Spotahome are wishing you & your partner, friend, mom or your lovely pet the best valentines day you can imagine and want to help you celebrate it in the funkiest, nicest and most loving way! So buckle up your love belt and let us surprise you. You know what we say, we do all the hard work so all you have to do is book, turn up and move in! Well this time all you have to do is partner up, get cozy and enjoy your special night filled with love.

First things first, why are we at home? Because we are not boring and don't see the point in going out to a fancy restaurant like every other couple on the 14th. We will do that another day when it isn't as crowded! Instead we are staying in, putting on our most comfortable outfit and ready to rumble. The possibilities are endless in your home so here are a few things you could setup and do:

  1. The couple love spa experience

Yes you read it correctly, during the day grab your partner and go shop for some nice candles, incense, massage oils and face masks. Treat your partner with a beauty care, massage their bodies and get rid of any tense spots they might have. Put them into the mood, remember it's your special night and there is nothing more enjoyable then getting ready to watch your favorite tv show with your homemade snacks and dinner after a relaxing massage.

2.  Food : so many options:

Whether you and your partner want to get creative and cook your favorite dish together with some romantic music in the background or you want to order in from your favourite restaurant is completely up to you. What brings you joy is what makes the night complete. From experience I would suggest you set up a nice nachos bar. Spice the night up with some homemade Mexican food. See what I did there? I managed to squeeze in a Mexican joke like you should not forget to squeeze in some lime for the guacamole. Prepare the ingredients for some Nachos with salsa, guacamole and cheese and then get the tacos or burritos ready that you will enjoy with ice cold coronas on your couch! What a time to be alive, I got excited about it just writing this.

3. Dance floor

While you're waiting for the food to be cooked or delivered setup a nice area designated as the dance floor. Blast your favorite playlist with the lights dimmed down, candles lit and incense burning. Get crazy with your partner and dance like nobody's watching, lietteraly. This might be the moment you have been waiting for, you are either going to impress your partner or make them laugh uncontrollably. Either way it will be a memorable night that you guys will remember for the rest of your relationship!

4. Have a power couple talk

End the night with love and a special connection. Talk about your favorite memories, about the night you met your partner, look over your holiday and random photos. Take this time to truly appreciate the person you have in front of you and remind them of why they are so special to you. There is nothing more beautiful than making your loved one feel good and feel appreciated for everything they do.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it helpful for the upcoming special day. We at Spotahome also want to take this moment to thank you, every single one of you for believing in us, and trusting us with your homes. None of this would be possible without you! So be safe, be happy and spread love not covid :)

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