With so many places to see in Spain, Granada is often overlooked. But we’ll give you ten reasons why you absolutely should make your way down to this sunny historical city and take some snaps of the most picturesque places ever.

Mirador San Nicolás

Mirador San Nicolás is one of those places that’s Instagrammable from several angles. One of those angles is from the bottom and another is from overlooking the gorgeous Alhambra. Mirador is a must-do attraction while in Granada for several reasons and one of them is its absolutely charming view. Just take it all in!


If you’re looking for a few snaps of some of the most gorgeous gardens ever, Generalife is the place to be. The garden was built in the 13th century, but unfortunately, the garden you see today has been completely altered and rebuilt. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent place to take some snaps for the gram!

Catedral de Granada

This magical-looking cathedral was built by the one and only Queen Isabella and it’s the 4th largest cathedral in the world. The building itself is known as the masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance - it features an impressive exterior as well as interior with a grand altar and several chapels.


The Alcaiceria, aka the Great Bazaar of Granada, was once a series of streets where people would find stalls to buy spices and other goods. Today, the stalls still exist, but the area has been transformed into a colourful bazaar where you can find just about anything. Its colours make it a perfect place to take a few snaps!


Albayzín is a World Heritage Site and the old Moorish quarter of Granada. It’s where you can find the Mirador San Nicolás, so after you enjoy the beautiful view, make sure to take a stroll around the village. Don’t look at a map - just follow the picturesque streets!

Tetería Dar Ziryab

While in Albayzín, you absolutely have to stop at one of the teahouses. With its dim-but-colourful interior, Tetería Dar Ziryab is definitely a perfect place to test your photography skills all while enjoying some tea and puff on a cachimba.

Photo Credit: Salón de té Dar Ziryab Facebook page

Plaza Nueva

It doesn’t get any more historical than Plaza Nueva, Granada’s oldest square! It’s one of the best places to people watch and just take it all in.

Carmen de los Martires

Of course we absolutely have to include one of Granada’s most romantic destinations! Carmen de los Martires is a perfect place to take a long walk and reflect, all while snapping some amazing photos of peacocks!


Of course, we have to mention the one and only Alhambra, one of the biggest reasons why people decide to take the trip to Granada in the first place. Along with Generalife, Alhambra is one of the most picturesque places of the city and definitely worthy of a visit.


You’ll find Sacromonte close to Albayzín - and although it’s a steep walk to get there, you won’t be left disappointed. Sacromonte is known for its caves which have been turned into places for flamenco performances. But what’s even better are its streets and the gorgeous sunset view of the city.

Photo Credit: Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

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