Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary is located next to the Danube river and is a beautifully preserved city.  The 19th century bridge connects the Buda side of the city which is very hilly and quiet with many panoramic views of the city while Pest is more flat with majestic architecture and a booming nightlife.

The city is known for its spa’s, these thermal baths are located throughout the city. The healing waters are the perfect way to end a stressful week balancing work.

Everyone needs time to reset and take time for themselves and slow down. Here are a few things you can do around the city to unwind and decompress in the amazing city of Budapest.

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Go To A Thermal Spa

This is one of the ultimate ways to relax! Budapest has many thermal hot springs where the water is heated from underground’s geothermal activity. Attending a relaxing thermal bath can help ease any aches and muscle pains you may be experiencing. It can also help improve the blood circulation in the body and fight inflammation.

Go to one of the cities many thermal baths and heal your body and take some time to nurture it. Soak it all in and let your mind drift away.

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Japanese Gardens

This beautiful garden is not very big. It is a quiet space in the middle of the city where you can take a beautiful walk and see beautiful waterfalls that can soothe your mind.

On this walk you will be able to see turtles, ducks, fishes and frog. This tranquil Asian style park has a peaceful vibe that can give you a moment of peace that you need.


Károlyi Garden

This is the oldest public park in Budapest that has a French style was private property of the Károlyi Garden's which was a noble Hungarian family dating back to the 1660's. The grounds in the 11th century was a cemetery and then in the 14th century hunting grounds and in the 17th century becoming gardens next to their palace.

The grounds became public property in the late 1920's and became a beautiful inner city park with many peaceful corners to sit and reflect, read a book or just take in some fresh air.

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Hungarian National Museum

Right next to the Károlyi Gardens the Hungarian National Museum was founded in the early 1800's. This place is home to the history, art, and archaeology pieces of Hungary.

Take a stroll around the different exhibitions and explore all of the different artifacts that the museum preserves. The pieces are extensive and diverse and perfect for someone who wants to take the time to be surrounded by art and observe and learn from ravishing pieces.

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Castle Garden Bazaar

This elaborate neo-renaissance space has lush gardens built in the late 1800's for the queen of Hungary now for the public to enjoy. At this location you can get some amazing views of the city surrounded by the amazing castle in renovated gardens.

Take a seat and look at the views of the city. Even better if you can go during the sunset with a friend or by yourself and sip a nice cold beer or a little wine and take a breath.

Normafa Park

If you want to stretch your legs a little more take a short trip to the edge of the city and explore Normafa Park. This park has panoramic views of the city and has many hiking paths and wooded trails you can explore on a slow Sunday.

Don't want to take a walk? Have a picnic and bask in the sun or read a book. The park is spacious with lots of grass and big trees to feel more in touch with nature. This is a great place to get away from the city.

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ELTE Füvészkert

If you are an anthophile and love to see and experience a wide range of plants, flowers, water lilies, cacti and more the botanical gardens in Hungary is a spot you should explore.

The calming atmosphere has a wide range of exotic plants, stroll the indoor greenhouses and gardens on of the oldest in Hungary created in the late 1770's. The lush gardens allows you to pend time in nature without going too far from the city.

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The Hungarian Royal Opera House

Get cultured and experience the arts! The Hungarian Opera House was opened in the late 1800's by the architecture Miklós Ybl one of Europe's leading architects that was very influential and built other projects in the city such as Castle Garden Bazaar, St. Stephen's Basilica and Unger's House.

Enjoy great acoustics and become mesmerised by the artist minds and voices you can encounter at the opera. Enjoy the neo renaissance features in the building and the opulence within.

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Walk Along The Iconic River Danube

What better way to decompress from a long day that to take a little walk and watch a body of moving water flow while you get lost in your thoughts. The Danube river separate Buda and Pest so depending which side you are on depends on the scenery and vibe you get as you walk along the second largest river in Europe and take the time to reflect on your past, present and future.

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