Whether you've got a cold or are under lockdown, you shouldn't get bored. Here are 21 things you can do from home. From decluttering to knitting, to doing a puzzle and learning Spanish. You won't have time to get bored.

1. Start researching and planning your future travels

We'll go back to packing our bags and jumping on planes and trains at some point. Why waste our time on social media when we could invest it on researching Japan or Madrid? Now is the moment!

Edificio Metropoli, Gran vía - Madrid, Spain
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2. Read a book (or two, or ten!)

There has never been a better moment to pick up a book and immerse yourself in a story. Need some inspirations? Here are some very cool books that let you travel from the comfort of your bed:

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Now I can read in the dark.
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3. Visit a Museum virtually

One of the best initiatives the Coronavirus crisis has brought to us is the one launched by many museums all around the world which have virtually opened their doors to travelers from all over the world. You can head to the Louvre in Paris or go staring the Sistine Chapel in Rome while snacking on your sofa.

Photo by James Lee / Unsplash

4. Learn a language

Duolingo, along with other online providers, is offering a 6-month free deal to make the most of your time in these weeks. Now it's your moment.

English Lesson Home Work
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5. Catch up with your friends

We always complain we don't have enough time for long conversations with our friends around the world. Well, now you could use your free time to draw a schedule of appointments.  

Image of excited young man and woman playing together and competing in video games on smartphones
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6. Complete a puzzle

I personally love puzzles, to me they are a form of meditation and I never get bored of putting the pieces together (pun intended!). Not a fan of puzzles? Pick the Rubik's cube instead.

Day, M.C. (Maurits Cornelis) Escher, day and night, puzzle, Virginia Mason Hospital, Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington, USA
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7.  Start a journal or a blog

Always wanted to have a blog or a great Instagram profile? Never really knew how to start? Awesome, now you have the time to learn and also to get started.

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Fountain pen on a journal
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8. Practice with your guitar

Or whatever instruments you might have in your home and haven't used for ages. And I know you had great intentions - I did too. Lol.

Guitar player
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9. Watch (or read) the classics

You know those must-watch movies everybody seems to be familiar with? Or those very films you've always avoided because....erm, who's got the time to watch a 3-hours long movie? Well, now you do!

Netflix & Chill
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10. Meditation is power

Yup. Even if it seems like a relaxed practice, meditation really empowers people who do it on a consistent basis. Do you know what Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman and Clint Eastwood and  have in common? They all meditate. Now it's your turn to learn the basics of this life-changing practice. If you don't know where to start, one of my fav app, Balance, has just released a year-free subscription to help people go through this moment.

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11. Beauty care

Oh my! Do you know all those beauty products you have in your barthroom and never or rarely used? Well, now it's the moment! And you don't even have to stop what you are doing! You can put a face mask on and keep working or studying or cleaning the house.

Photo by Mutzii / Unsplash

12. Clear your phones (and hard-drive) of old pictures and screenshots

This is one I must do too. I have far too many pictures and videos both on my phone and hard drive. And even if I try to make a daily task of it, there are always far too many pics. Now I've set a 20 minutes session every day and you know what? It calms my wanderlust as I virtually travel to all these places.

Photo by Chad Madden / Unsplash

13. Enter the fantastic world of bullet journalling

Always struggled with to-do lists and sticky notes? Here's the solution. You can learn the basics here.

Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash

14. Declutter your home and wardrobe

Take all your clothes out of your wardrobe and try all on. Checking yourself in front of a mirror, choose what's to keep and what's to leave. Get a couple of black bags and put everything in it to go to a charity shop. Do the same with all your old make-up and beauty products.

Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

15. Support small businesses

They might be unable to ship to you right now, but they surely need your support in this difficult moment. They most likely hold your order until everything goes back to normal or offer you a voucher.

Victorian Kitchen
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

16. Learn how to make home-made bread, pasta and pizza

Always wanted to eat your own bread? Or pasta? Or pizza? Now you can!

dough and hands
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16. Knit or crochet

It's calming. It's beautiful. It's useful.

Gilet tricoté avec aiguilles en bois et pelotes de laine - Knitted cardigan with wooden needles and balls of yarn
Photo by Les Triconautes / Unsplash

17. Stay fit.

You might be a runner or used to go to the gym or swimming pool. Well, now be creative and with the help of YouTube or some apps, you can create a healthy routine to do at home. Most of the time you can use things you already have in your house.

Photo by Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

18. Take a bath

Or a looooong shower.

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19. Colouring books

Nope, they are not just for children. Like puzzles and meditation, they have an incredible power to bring calm in our life. If you don't have any at home, you can find some free printables on the web.

I recently decided to give a shot at coloring, something I haven’t done since I was a kid, I guess. But it’s been so popular among adults for the past couple of years, that I thought it would be worth a shot as a therapeutical activity during cold days.
Photo by Jacqueline Kelly / Unsplash

20. Fix the broken things in your house

It's finally time to get around your house to fixing that broken thing or to hang that mirror or paint.

Framed wall art
Photo by Crew / Unsplash


21. Sleep.

A lot.
A bit more.
And again...

Once she stopped rushing through life she was amazed how much more life she had time for.
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash

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