Many that come to the charming city of Paris refuse to leave – we can totally understand. But did you know that towns and cities near Paris can become an excellent day or weekend trip? If you’re looking to extend your Paris adventure, or are an expat looking for an escape, stay tuned.

Here are some stunning day trips from Paris!

1. Versailles

I’d say Versailles is a must-visit rather than just a suggestion for day trips from Paris. If you’re looking to truly explore the French culture and architecture, do venture out to Versailles. Take a breathtaking walk through the royal palace, and stroll around the charming Versailles Gardens afterward. No matter when you go, Versailles tends to be a busy destination, but it definitely shouldn’t be missed.

The cheapest way to get to Versailles: RER train from Paris, €7 for round trip.

2. The Loire Valley

Visiting the Loire Valley is an excellent choice for those who are looking to indulge in some French nature and beautiful landscapes. And then there’s Château de Chambord, a magical castle beloved by tourists, with the most amazing architecture you will ever see – make sure you go to the roof of the castle and don’t forget to bring your camera. If you’re visiting the Loire Valley with a day tour, they will also take you to the fairytale-like once royal residence Château de Chenonceau and its beautiful garden.

How to get from Paris to The Loire Valley: TGV high-speed train (35 minute ride)

3. Provins

Unlike the Loire Valley and Versaillers, Provins is a medieval French village (and a UNESCO heritage site), located about an hour and a half from Paris. Famous for roses, Provins is a very underrated location with original buildings dating back to 12 century. When visiting, make sure you come during the summer season – Provins is quite a tourist attarction and you might find that while the off season is extremely calming, lots of places will be closed.

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4. Disneyland

One of my friends, who lives in Paris, told me she completely forgot she lives just a 40-minute train ride from Disneyland. Everyone should visit Disneyland at least once in their life – after all, it is the most magical place on Earth, isn’t it? It’s definitely worth a day trip and if you’re living in Paris, take the whole weekend and visit during the quiet season – why not?

How to get from Paris to Disneyland: RER train (40min ride, 7.60€ ticket)

What’s your favorite day trip from Paris?