Guest Author: Ezequiel Doria, Spotahome Student Ambassador

Milano: such a fashionable city. It is the perfect combination between Italian culture and the big city life, making it a great spot for both fun and work. I love living here and if there is something I do often, it is the aperitivo.

Every day after 5:30 pm many restaurants in Milan serve an all you can eat buffet included with the price of your first drink. If you want to know 5 of the best spots for aperitivo in Milan, read ahead!

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Mayflower Pub

This one is one of my favorites. This pub offers really good drinks and all types too (fruity, beer or stronger). The style of the restaurant is very cozy and makes you feel at home. But the best part, has definitely got to be the food. They have a big enough selection of charcuterie, cheese, pasta, breads, meats, and desserts, but the best part of their food is the quality. You can find anything from brie cheese to white Nutella here! Very recommended for a very delightful evening!

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What can be better than a rooftop? Aperitivo on a rooftop! Coin is a mall in Piazza Cinque Giornate, with a restaurant on the last floor. Here, you can get amazing food, good drinks, and an outstanding view of Milan from above. I would recommend trying to make a reservation for a table on the terrace and to go before sunset to get a better view of the city. Enjoy!

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MAYA Cocktail Bar and Restaurant

In this Mayan-themed restaurant, located in Naviglio Pavese, you will find a huge aperitivo offering everything from all types of Italian food to a chocolate fountain! The selection of food is so big that you can end up feeling full if you try to try it all. Also, you can order anything from a list of over 100 drinks to enjoy the evening. Definitely worth trying!

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If you are looking for more sophisticated drinks, this is your place! This bar, located in Naviglio Grande, offers extravagant drinks with, apart from ironic names (try to order one “Cazzi Tuoi” without laughing), very savory mixes. In general, the bar has a very cool vibe and while you do not get the classic buffet aperitivo with your drinks, you get a selection of small and tasty appetizers brought directly to your table. Great place for cocktail lovers!

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Terrazza Aperol

And the last one is a classic… Could there be a better place to order an Aperol Spritz in? I don’t think so! The Terrazza Aperol overlooks Milan’s beautiful Duomo and might be one of the fanciest places where you can get an aperitivo. This aperitivo is also a bit unconventional, as it uses the idea of a tapas bar and you get the food brought directly to your table! Great for the view and enjoyable time!

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Get ready to enjoy the Milanese aperitivo like a local in these 5 places with amazing options!


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