Everyone loves tapas. And when in Granada, do as the locals do: eat lots and lots of them!

But how do you know where to go? We’re here to help. These are our top picks for Granada’s best tapas – qué aproveche!

1. Bar Poë

This place is my hands-down favorite of all time. And it should be yours too!

Family-owned, Bar Poë serves up a delicious menu of enormous, international-style tapas with each drink you buy. And it isn’t just the food that is a fusion of international flavors: Poë always attracts a mixed crowd, from local Spaniards to young travelers.

And, since the owner is English, those struggling with their Spanish will feel right at home at Poe. Just be sure to get there early for a good table or spot at the bar– Poë gets busy!

Tapas tip: In Granada, real tapas are always free with your drink. If you’re at a bar that charges you for your tapa — as some touristy bars in the center do– you’re in the wrong place. Free tapas or bust!

2. El Aljibe de Santa Ana

Hidden down a side street in the central Plaza Santa Ana, just underneath the Alhambra, is El Aljibe de Santa Ana. It’s unassuming from the front, but worth having a bite at.

After stumbling in one afternoon, I sat down for a glass of wine and a tapa of salmorejo cordobés. It was INCREDIBLE.

After speaking with the owner, a native of Córdoba who showed me a local newspaper clipping touting his bar’s tapas game, it became apparent that I accidentally found myself in the right place.

It’s worth a taste!

Tapas tip: Feel free to tell the waiter or bartender your preference of tapa. If you’re a vegetarian, hate fish, or just plain old love a good ensaladilla rusa, tell the person serving you. They’ll usually take note and bring you something you’ll like!

3. Bodegas Castañeda

If you’re looking for the most traditional tapas bar in town, then you MUST head over to Bodegas Castañeda. As the jumping-off point for most local tapas tours, as well as being a huge local favorite, you can’t go wrong at this classic bar.

Tapas tip: Pace yourself. With cheap beer accompanied by delicious food, you’re gonna want to take it easy. Trust us. To start, grab a caña– a small glass of beer– and start from there. That way, you’ll maximize how many free tapas you’ll get!

4. Bar Los Diamantes

Love fish? Get your seafood tapas on at Bar Los Diamantes!

Founded in 1942, Bar Los Diamantes is known for its excellent fish, shrimp, calamari, clams, and anchovies.

Locals often see this place as a reference point for what a “good tapas bar” should be. So, you should totally check it out.

Tapas tip: Though you can usually get tapas at any time in the afternoon, it’s generally more typical to head out with friends for tapas after 6 or 7pm — or sometimes later. From 2pm to 4:30pm, it’s much more commonplace to sit down to a traditional, big Spanish lunch. Keep that timeframe in mind!

5. Shambala

If you’re a vegetarian looking to enjoy the tapas scene sans meat (which, let’s be honest, can be a tall order in jamón-obsessed Spain!), then you’ll find a home here at vegetarian-friendly Shambala.

But even if you’re not a vegetarian, Shambala is a great corner to hang out in for a night. It’s definitely a local favorite!

Tapas tip: Granada is famous for its plentiful and delicious tapas even throughout Spain. Up in Madrid, for example, you’ll be lucky to get a few olives or potato chips with a drink. Take advantage of it while you’re down there!

Bonus bar: Bodegas Espadafor

This restaurant has a name that’s difficult to remember, but tapas that are hard to forget. Bodegas Espadafor is one of Granada’s oldest (and most popular) tapas bars in Granada. It’s been dishing out generous portions since 1910, and hasn’t lost any of its local charm along the way. Come here for a glass of vermouth and patatas a lo pobre.

And why not try...

...That bar on the corner

Want to know the key to finding the right tapas bar? Hit the bricks and find your own corner to call home. Really. Get far away from the tourist-trap bars in the center, start exploring, and head into the places with the most locals. You might be surprised with what you find!

Do you have a favorite tapas bar in Granada? Tell us about it!