You’ve probably heard of co-working before, but co-living? Imagine spending the day working in your co-working area and at the end of the day, you head upstairs to your cosy apartment for a good night’s sleep. Your evenings and weekends can be spent attending building events, socialising, and partying with others in the complex. It’s like adult student halls - and here are some of the best co-living places around Europe.

[The Collective - London](5 Co-living places around Europe)

The Collective is located just a short walk from North Acton and Willesden Junction tube stations. The large building hosts a community of 550 people, coming from all walks of life and all parts of the world. Along with hot desks for freelancers, The Collective services also feature a restaurant, a gym, sauna, library, games room, and more. Residents also get to enjoy a series of events almost every single day, ranging from sports and social to educational.

Photo credit: The Collective Facebook page.

Rooms available include en-suite rooms with shared kitchenette or fully-functioning studios.

The Collective prices range from £240 per week up to £295 per week, with premium rooms on the 10th, 9th, and 7th floor also available.

Station F - Paris

Station F is known as the world’s biggest startup campus. Combining offices and co-living spaces, Station F transformed Paris into the startup capital of the country. The offices have everything you need for a productive work and are open 24/7.

Photo credit: Station F Facebook page.

Meanwhile the co-living facility is set to open in late 2018. It will offer 100 shared apartments for 600 residents, a sports center, cafe area, lounge bar, and more!

Nest - Copenhagen

Nest is a space with 21 entrepreneurial residents who live in four apartments in the same building, located in Copenhagen city centre. Residents actively contribute to the building’s social life as well as skill building workshop by offering their own knowledge and life experiences. As the startup community hub, Nest is absolutely perfect for networking and boosting your productivity to the next level.

Photo credit: Nest Facebook page.

Prices start from 4.500 and 8.000 kr. a month and all bills, including cleaning, are included in the rent.

Hyprspace - Munich

Hyprspace is Munich’s very own coliving space and startup house. The large mansion hosts 17 entrepreneurs with bright ideas and plans of starting their businesses.

Photo credit: Hyprspace Facebook page.

Hyprspace highlights the community feel and inclusion by introducing every single resident on their website. Residents are able to live and work in the building and enjoy all amenities provided to make sure they are able to produce the best possible work for their own business.

For Hyprspace prices please contact the company directly.

Nine Coliving - Tenerife

Spain is an absolute paradise when it comes to startup communities and co-living places. Nine Coliving offers its 9 rooms to digital nomads and entrepreneurs who are looking to experience the beauty of Tenerife. Residents get a chance to enjoy a high-speed internet in their workplace, and daily community activities, which include hiking, surfing, rooftop dinners, and more.

Photo credit: NineColiving website.

Nine Coliving prices start from €686 per month.

Have you lived in a co-living palce before? Come share your experience in the comments!

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