While living in Athens is definitely an unforgettable experience, you should also make sure you explore the surrounding areas. Athens boasts being located nearby plenty of Greek islands as well as other picturesque cities that definitely deserve to have your attention. From the scenic town of Chalkida to the luxurious island of Santorini, here are the 5 magical day and weekend trips from Athens you have to experience!

1. Chalkida

When you think about day and weekend trips from a big city, most of us probably think about going to a beach.  Chalkida is known as the unique city by the sea and a perfect destination to relax and explore. Chalkida comes with plenty of history and it even features a century-old castle with extroardinary sea views. But it’s most known for its weird water phenomenon, located right underneath the bridge that links the island to the mainland. The water currents are known to change their direction! Yup, you heard that right. It happens every 6 hours and there’s no scientific reason behind it. It’s a unique experience that’s well worth the trip! And don’t forget to explore the island by renting a bike!

How to get to Chalkida from Athens:

Take the direct line on the Athens Suburban Railway.

Travel time: 1 hr 20 min

2. Delphi

If you’re more into having an unforgettable adventure, you absolutely have to visit Delphi. This mainland site is also one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Greece. In historical times, Delphi was known as the centre of the world. The place where heaven meets the Earth and where a man can be the closest to God. Delphi also features the remains of a 4th century theater, featuring fantastic views of the world below. From ruins to marbled temples. Delphi is a must-visit historical experience for anyone that’s looking for that special connection with the Greek past.

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How to get to Delphi from Athens:

Take the bus from Terminal B at Ag Dimitriou Aplon Street.

Travel time: 2hr 30min

3. Meteora

Another popular weekend trip destination is Kalambaka. The name might not sound familiar, but you’ve probably heard of Meteora - the area right above it. Meteora is a collection of unique rocks, located high above the city of Kalambaka, also featuring a scenic monastery. There are many theories behind these rocks and their creation, but the scenery is definitely worthy of a visit. So bring your hiking boots, grab a buddy, and enjoy this unique experience!

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How to get to Meteora from Athens:

Meteora can be reached by both direct trains and buses from Athens to Kalambaka. If you’re taking a train, you need to go to Larissa train station. If you’re getting a bus, you need to go to Liossion Bus Station.

Train travel time: 5 hrs

4. Syros Island

Living in Athens also means you just have to take advantage of being surrounded by Greek islands. Greece has over 6000 islands in total and you should at least make an effort to see about a third of them. And Syros Island is the perfect place to start. While many of the Greek islands are being advertised as a luxury experience, Syros remains true to its traditional Greek roots. It’s described as a real Greek island, where the community and the Greek experience is available at any time of the year.

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How to get to Syros from Athens:

By plane (travel time of 40 min)
By ferry (travel time of almost 4 hrs)

5. Santorini

And of course, we have to talk about the magical island that is Santorini. Crossing Santorini off your bucket list is something a lot of travellers wish to do and a weekend experience on this island is a must-try. There’s a reason why Santorini is a top tourist destination. From magical sunsets to some of the most unforgettable views, Santorini is a one-of-a-kind weekend experience.

How to get to Santorini from Athens:

By plane (travel time of 45 min)
By ferry (travel time of 5 hours minimum)

That's it for our day and weekend trips from Athens! Let us know about your favourite Athens day and weekend trips in the comments!

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