So, you’re moving to London, huh? Congratulations! Welcome to the city of Big Ben, fish and chips and… erm… other British stereotypes. There are a few things you should do before you move to London to make sure you have a hassle-free stay.

5 Things to Do Before You Move to London

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1. Work out your budget

London works slightly differently than other cities. While most rooms to rent already come with bills included, non-students will still have to pay extra for things like council tax and everyone has to register for a TV License. Don’t forget to work out how much money you’ll spend on your Oyster Card (no, really, those things add to your budget quite quickly).

Council tax price depends on where you live, so keep an eye on your annual council tax contribution – sure, you want to live in the Westminster area, but can you pay the annual council tax fee of £1,000?

2. Know your way around London neighborhoods

Getting to know London won’t happen until you, of course, move to London. But there are a few good tips you can get by browsing through the neighborhood guide section of Spotahome London listings. You’ll be able to learn about the budget-friendly places, fun facts and information that might be crucial to your move.

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3. Get to know the London Tube Map

When it comes to knowing your way around London neighborhoods, you should also pay attention to how far you are from the tube station. London Tube Map comes with several systems – the usual Underground Line, the Overground Line (shown in yellow) and the train station. Why is this important? Take it from someone who lived close to an Overground – they don’t always run that smoothly on a weekend and don’t be surprised if you get an announcement of a rail replacement service. Sheesh, London.

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Pro tip: find a neighborhood with excellent bus services, my favorite is Brockley in South East London.

4. Find a perfect accommodation!

In a traditional real estate way, most people will advise you to never book an apartment without seeing it first. We’ve decided to disrupt the entire scene and change that. Spotahome provides videos, floorplans and complete listings to make it easier for you to book your accommodation from anywhere in the world. Our international office will take care of you before, during and after your move to London.

5. Get ready for an amazing adventure

London is an exciting city and even though living in London gives you a slightly different impression, I can guarantee you will love it. Whether you’re a student or a professional, London has plenty of things to offer. (And let’s try to ignore Brexit). So pack your bags, grab your passport, say goodbye and say hello to a brand new adventure – Spotahome will be there for you every step of the way.

See you in London!

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