In Istanbul, or any other city, you can follow your Lonely Planet guide, or do cooler, more unique things. I always opt for the off the beaten path stuff, not only because I’m a cool kid (:P), but also because I have this deep desire and curiosity to go beyond the surface, to truly understand the city, the country and the people who live there.

I am not suggesting to miss Istanbul’s major sites, but once you’ve done them, here are 5 unique things to do in Istanbul to make your stay in Turkey even more memorable.

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1. Street Art Everywhere

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All over Istanbul, wall and shutters of all types and forms are blank canvases for incredible artwork that you will want to capture with your camera. If you are lucky enough, you will also manage to see one of the street artists in action.

2. Jewellery Workshop

All around the world there are all sorts of workshops, from food to handwriting, from photography to bakery, but have you ever thought about making your own (or your lover’s) jewel right with your own hands? Well, in Istanbul you can! You can do so at theOttoman Jewellery Workshop in the Gran Bazaar.

3. Hagia Sophia

It’s already very rare in the world to find a city where different religions meet and melts, but in Istanbul, there is also the only place in the world that has served to three religions throughout the history. It’s a stunning building on top of being a meaningful one. While you’re here, check out the underground tunnels Cisterna Basílica (Yerebatan sarnıcı).

4. Go to Asia – easily!

Istanbul is the only city in the world to stretch over two continents: Europe and Asia. While the city’s main tourist sites are on the European side, you should totally hop on the bus OR BOAT over the Bosphorous Bridge for a taste of Asia. Don’t miss the markets in Kadiköy and the Beylerbeyi Palace. Try simit, drink tea, and have fun! And maybe make time for a spectacular sunset at the top of Çamlica Hill.

You can also PARTY on the sea, right between Europe and Asia in Suada, a fantastic nightclub and a restaurant with breathtaking views.

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5. Go naked!

Many of the up-class hotels in Istanbul have hammams also known as Turkish baths, but they are made for Western tourists and they don’t represent the real hammam naked experience. If you really want to try the Turkish way, you should ask some locals in the Old Town and be ready to strip topless without being shy! ?

What are YOUR favorite unique things to do in Istanbul? Comment below! ?

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See you in Istanbul!