Guest Author: Ezequiel Doria, Spotahome Student Ambassador

Budapest is a fantastic city and it is no wonder that it is also known as “ The Paris of the East.”

In fact, beauty is something that you will not miss when you stroll around the modern streets of Pest or when you take a walk in between the castles of the more reminiscent Buda.

If you want to find the most picturesque spots in all of Budapest in order to get the most amazing pics or simply to enjoy a breathtaking view, read ahead!

St. Stephen’s Basilica’s Dome

The Neoclassical structure of St. Stephen’s Basilica is definitely a highlight of Budapest’s skyline, but in order to get the best possible view of the whole city, I recommend buying a ticket to get to the top dome. You can either take the elevator or climb up 364 stairs to get to the top terrace. Go right before the sunset to catch that golden hour shot!


Heroes’ Square

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the major squares in Budapest. It is incredibly beautiful and the 20+ statues make it a magnificent spot. Rising 36 meters above the ground, the column establishes the grandeur of the square and divides the 4 main statues, which represent Labor and Wealth, Death, Peace, and Knowledge and Glory, into two symmetrical sides. To get the best possible shot, try to include the four statues and the column in it.


Széchenyi Thermal Bath

This one is a must if you want to experience life like a true local. Thermal Bath culture is very widespread in Budapest and the Szechenyi Bath will give you the chance to get the best pictures. Enjoy 18 pools, spa treatments and saunas and then exit to the outer pool to get the best perspective of the whole structure. Just be careful with your cellphone and enjoy!


The Chain Bridge

The oldest bridge in Budapest might also be the most charming. Go to the bridge from either Buda or Pest and try to get a picture right in between traffic and in the middle of the lion statues that guard the bridge. Try to stay safe by not crossing the streets recklessly or by interrupting cars. Done right, this will be your classical Arc of Triumph shot but more towards the east!


The Danube

The Danube, one of Europe’s most renowned rivers, offers magnificent views of Hungarian monuments on either side. If you are overlooking Buda, go to any point where you can see the castle if you want to get the best views. On the other hand, if you look towards Pest, walk a bit towards the north in order to see the Hungarian Parliament. You can see both, either from the streets that make up the borders of the river or on board one of the daily cruises, which I highly recommend.


Margaret Island’s Park

This island is surrounded by the waters of the Danube, and is located towards northern Budapest. Visit the island, take a stroll or rent a bike, and have a picnic. You can find beautiful fountains and a small Japanese garden, but the park in the center of the island, has the biggest potential thanks to its many flowers.

Buda Castle’s Overlook

The Buda Castle is probably the main landmark of all Budapest. Situated right at the top of a hill, the palace offers an amazing view of Pest as well as of the Danube. The Castle’s overlook can be easily reached and you won’t have to buy a ticket to get to it. Simply go towards the border when you reach the entrance of the Castle’s Art Gallery and you will see it.


Yellow Room Inside Buda Castle’s Museum

This one is not the most known spot in all of Budapest, but it sure is one that deserves more attention! This very instagrammable room is located inside Buda Castle’s History Museum and you will have to buy a ticket to get to it. It is close to the entrance; just take the first right after getting your ticket and you will see it! Wear yellow (or not!) for best results.

The Fisherman’s Bastion

This small 19th century fortress close to the Buda Castle offers an amazing panorama of the Parliament in Pest and of the Danube. Either the castle-like structure or the small windows are perfect for pictures in what might be the most photographed location in all of Budapest.


And that’s it!

Now prepare your cameras and get ready to make memories in the Hungarian capital. Furthermore, try to prepare yourselves, because when you least expect it, you fall in love with the alluring city that is one, but used to be two.

What are your favourite spots in Budapest? Tell us below in comments.

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