1) A new language.

When living abroad, what better way to learn the language than to live with a native…

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...so you can say goodbye to the textbooks.

2) How to cook local cuisines.

How better to learn about the way the natives live, than living with a native…

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3) Schooling on how to live with people x10.

If you’re staying under the roof of your landlord, you’re going to have rules. This will give you a masterclass on house sharing… what to do and what not to do.

4) A family home.

In a home away from home, you’re in someone’s home. Homesickness? What’s that?

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5) Nothing is going to be broken.

With your landlord living on site, there’s NO excuse for breakages, so surely they’ll be fixed as soon as.

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6) Once your home, it’ll always be your home.

If you get on well with your live in landlord, you can really make this place your home. Meaning if you play your cards right, you can come back and visit - whenever you want.

7) A+ advice on where to go and how to get there.

Living with a native or an established person, not only will they be able to help you, but even guide you around your new home.. whether it’s bus routes, bars, restaurants… you have a guaranteed friend when you arrive.

8) A housemate that goes the extra mile.

Obviously as you’re paying, your landlord probably offers a little extra than you’d get privately renting a shared house. Whether it’s just an equipped kitchen or included meals, the extra touch makes it home.

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9) Respected and designated space.

If your live in landlord is private, or even a family, it’s likely you’ll have your own designated spaces at designated times. So if you like to keep to yourself, this could be an ideal arrangement.

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