What sort of Christmas would it be one without Traditional Christmas markets to go to? It would be a horrible Christmas, for sure! For this reason in this article, I've listed  the Best Christmas Markets in Paris.

From the end of November, till the beginning of January, you can find Christmas Markets in every quartier of Paris.

Best Christmas Markets in Paris

1. Marché de Noël at Notre Dame

Right next to Notre-Dame Cathedral and with its giant Christmas tree, the Marché de Noël at Notre-Dame is surely one of the must-visit markets this Christmas season. Here, you can grab some delicious mulled wine as you wander through the market while shopping for regional artisan goodies.

Square René Viviani, 2 rue du Fouarre, Île de la Cité

Mid-December to Christmas Eve

We (a small group of 3) were in Paris for only 48 hours from the time we landed in the afternoon to the morning of our flight. Since we only had a limited time and so much to see, we literally ran through Paris. We were able to see much the landmarks surprisingly.
Photo by Priscilla Fraire / Unsplash

2. Village de Noël at Champs de Mars

Right at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, on the Champs de Mars, you'll find, probably the most-loved Christmas market in Paris. The magical atmosphere and the show of lights on the tower, make this place the one to be, especially at night.  Don't miss to visit Rue St. Dominique, where Eiffel-Tower-shaped Christmas decorations adorn the street.

Champs de Mars, Eiffel Tower, 7th Arrondissement

Mid to late December

Eiffel Tower at night
Photo by Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

3. Village de Noël at La Défense

With over 350 chalets, this is the largest Christmas market in Paris, and you can't miss it! If you've never been to La Défense, this is the perfect reason to go. Make sure to spend several hours here because there is a lot to see, including original Canadian maple syrup from Quebec, fresh oysters, local sausages and, obviously, all sorts of cheeses.

Parvis de la Defense, Grande Arche, La Defense

End of November to end of December

Photo by Valentin Petkov / Unsplash

4. Marché de Noel at Saint Germain des Prés

Saint Germain des Prés is one of my favourite neighbourhood in Paris and this marché is the perfect excuse to go back there in this time of year. There are twenty-five chalets selling arts, crafts, and local seasonal foods. Once you're done with your Christmas shopping, you can then go and explore the area. Don't miss the Église Saint-Germain, the historic church that gives the area its name.

Place Saint-Germain des Prés, 6th Arrondissement

Mid-December to early January

Christmas in Edinburgh
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5. La Magie de Noël in Tuileries Garden

La Magie de Noël (The Magic of Christmas) in Tuileries Garden, right next to the Louvre is  the biggest Marché de Noël within Paris. It stretches along the from Rue des Pyramides to Place de la Concord.  It is also probably the most popular which attracts around 10 million visitors every year.

At this very special market, there are a very interesting mix of shows, an ice rink, lots of food stalls and hot mulled wine, artisan crafts, gifts as well as a a Champagne bar.

Photo by Yeo Khee / Unsplash

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