Alright, so you are now ready for a postgraduate course and you are wondering where it would be more convenient? If you live in London or Paris, you might be scared of the price tag that come with studying in these countries. Here are some good news: there are some excellent Master's Degrees in Europe which are free or very cheap.

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The truth is that many countries in Europe have publicly funded universities which means that EU students can study for free! I've picked out some of the best (and free) Master's Degree in Europe for EU citizens. [Fees for non-EU students may apply at some of these universities.]

And if you live in London - before Brexit actually becomes reality - you might want to consider your last chance of avoiding getting into further education debts and opt for one of the following universities.

1. Berlin, Germany

Sometimes even Berlin can be beautiful
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No other city could sit on top of my list since Berlin is the trendiest cities in Europe. Not only a capital for creatives, startups, artists, but it's also the place to be if you are a student. Oh, did I mentioned that Berlin is the best city for techno music too?

  • Tuition fees? €0
  • Best universities? Freie University of Berlin and Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Why Berlin? Berlin offers one of the cheapest rent in Europe as well as some of the lowest cost of living in general.

2. Stockholm, Sweden

View over Stockholm
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If you are looking for a stylish and cool capital, then Stockholm might be your best bet.

  • Tuition fees? None
  • Best universities in Stockholm? Stockholm University
  • Why Stockholm? First of all because everyone speaks English, so you won't have to struggle with the local language. Additionally, Swedish universities are famous for encouraging students to think critically and outside the box. Sure, it's not cheap to live in Sweden, but if you budget properly, considering Uni is free, you can probably still have a great lifestyle.

3. Copehagen, Denmark

Tourists biking at Nyhavn, Copenhagen.
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I've recently been to the Danish capital and I must say that I totally fell in love with its hygge vibe. It's not only laidback and friendly, it's also one of the happiest place in the whole world thanks to its high standards of living.

  • Tuition fees? None
  • Best universities? University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark
  • Why Copenhagen? Well, first of all it's the capital of the no.1 least corrupt country in the world. Most people speak English which is very handy if you don't speak Danish fluently (yet).

4. Milan, Italy

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Milan is the Italian fashion capital, but it also features some of the best Italian universities.  The country itself is well known, not only for the superb cuisine, but also for some of the world's best companies.

  • Tuition fees: the average tuition fees for Masters programs is 1500 Euro per academic year. However, in some cases, students are exempted from paying tuition fees for their financial condition or academic performance
  • Best universities in Milan: University of  Milan
  • Why Milan? Well, most of the people I know dream about living in Italy, so here's your perfect excuse. Studying in Milan, while making the most of the Dolce Vita.

5. Paris, France

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Oui, there is La Sorbonne, but there are also cheaper options in Paris since the French government spending around €14,000 per student, per year.

  • Master's tuition fees? €243 per year. Most masters' programmes are two years long, so your complete tuition could cost as little as €486.
  • Best universities in Paris? University of Paris
  • Why Paris? Well, Audrey (Hepburn) said it well when she said "Paris is always a good idea". And I couldn't agree more! So, if you are thinking about a great city for your Master's degree, the city of light could be an excellent choice! Read this article if you wish to find out more.

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