As a centre of political and economic power, Belgium has a large banking industry and is accustomed to catering to the expat community. Having a bank account abroad can make life much easier for expats when it comes to receiving a salary, for housing arrangements and also for small day to day transactions. There are several bank accounts for expats in Belgium, but the question is…

Which are the best bank accounts for expats in Belgium?

There are many local and international banks that cater to expats and have branches all over Belgium. They provide a wide range of financial services and offer services in Dutch French and English too.

The top 3 banks in Belgium that provide expat services are:

AXA Bank Europe and Belfius are also large banks but if you are looking for information, their websites are only available in French and Dutch.

Banking hours are typically Monday – Friday from 9am to 4 or 4:30 pm, while some banks also open on Saturday mornings and small branches close for lunch. These are the best banks when it comes to caring for expats in Belgium and offer great options when it comes to managing your finances while living abroad.

What is Banking Like for Expats in Belgium?

Some banks offer the option of doing all your banking online and this option allows you to benefit from no or minimal fees for basic bank services. To open a checking account you will just need:

  • a proof of identity (your passport)
  • proof of address (a utility bill or passport)
  • the completed application form

In some instances, your home country address may be sufficient so that you can open your account before you arrive in Belgium.

Review the options that are offered by the banks below to see what options will best suit your banking needs.

Best Bank Accounts for Expats in Belgium

BNP Paribas Fortis

There is a special Premium Pack that is free for the first year and comes with many perks. For a fixed monthly fee you can have up to 3 accounts for two users with a very comprehensive package of services. It also comes with a Premium Bonus loyalty program that allows you to earn back your monthly fees each time you buy one of the 12 services offered. If you are an expat who is between the ages of 18-27, the Hello4You is a free package that is designed for you and includes many practical services as well as a savings account. Click here to get more details on Expat branches and locations.


Offers extensive services to over 250 000 expats worldwide with a convenient ING Expat contact centre offering services in French, English, German and Dutch.

There are extensive services for non-residents like International Banking Services, Multi-currency accounts, and Savings with tax breaks. Contact ING’s Non-resident’s Department for more details.


Offers extensive services to expats in Dutch, French and English and over 60 branches to serve you. Use the branch locator to find a branch near you. KBC works with individuals and families.

Some foreigners still look to offshore banking if they move often and use different currencies regularly. For most expats, the excellent comprehensive services offered by international and local banks in Belgium are excellent and make managing money relatively easy and convenient from anywhere in the world.

Are you an expat in Belgium? Let us know your thoughts on banking in Belgium!