You might know that Italy has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. But you might not know that there is a huge demand for workers, especially foreigner workers. Especially in Milan.

You might know it for being Italy's fashion hub. But finance, engineering, hospitality are also very crucial in Milan's economy. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the city attracts lots of foreigners looking for expat jobs in Milan.

Here’s a quick guide to best expat jobs in Milan


Milan is home to the Italian Stock Exchange and many international and local banks have an office here. If finance is your thing, then check JP Morgan, KPMG and the other global companies. They regularly hire expat for their finance and banking roles.


Gucci. Versace. Prada. Valentino. Armani. They all have their headquaters in Milan. There are always great fashion roles for expats as these are big brands with a large international presence.


If you’re looking for a hotel job in Milan, have a look at Hosco or apply directly to larger hotels in the city.


Milan attracts turists all-year-round from all over the world. This means that regardless your native language, it could be needed for some tourist agencies.
Remember that you can just pick an umbrella to become a tour guide. You need to also speak Italian and pass an exam to obtain a licence.


Milan features some of the best hotels and restaurants in Italy. And if wine is your passion (and you've studied all about it), you could look for such opportunities in Milan.


Teaching English in Italy is a great option both for students and those looking for full-time employment.

Pizza Maker

Pizza is one of the most famous dishes in Italy. But there are currently at least 50 pizza maker vacancies in Milan on Simply Hired right now! Make sure to do a real Naples-based pizza making training school and learn Italian before applying.

English-speaking Nanny

If you like children and dream of a big family, being a nanny in Italy can be the first step towards your goal. Check for au-pair opportunities in Milan here.

Bars and Cafes

If you’re looking for a part time job while studying in Milan, you can find job boards full of offers in the touristy areas.

Where to find the best expat jobs in Milan:

  • Internations features a forum for expat jobs in Milan
  • Jobs in Milan has a reach list of managerial and senior vacancies for the expat community
  • The Local is another portal to tailor your job search in Milan based on your experiences
  • Cambio Lavoro is an Italian portal. You either can read or ask a friend to translate.
  • Network and word of mouth: in Italy is still the best way to find a job. But you can also build your network online through sites like Linkedin.

Finally, if you don't want to work for anyone else, what about becoming your own boss in Milan? Go to the Milan Chamber of Commerce and speak to an advisor. They offer assistance on opening your business while getting to know the local law.


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