GUEST AUTHOR: Ezequiel Doria, Spotahome Student Ambassasor

Did someone say crazy party island in the Mediterranean?
Mykonos has a long-standing reputation as one of the top European destinations for party seekers, but it is also an amazing destination for anyone looking to relax and for 5-star quality Greek cuisine.

In Mykonos, you will easily have an amazing time, but I would recommend you plan ahead, more so if you want to visit during the peak season. If you need advice on where to party, play, eat, beach and stay, read ahead!

When to go

The best advice I got from locals was: go in June or September. In July and August, the heat burns, prices soar and the island is packed with tourists. October and May are already too quiet, as some restaurants, clubs, and bars will be closed. Any other time is not advisable.

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Where to Stay

My advice for you is to stay as close as possible to Mykonos town. Several hotels with all kinds of price ranges can be found near the port.  If you are looking for the picturesque Greek hotels, with pools that overlook the sea and the town, you will have to go a bit more uphill, but try to stay at a short walking distance from Mykonos Town, which is where you will find most of the island’s bars, restaurants and shops.

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Clubs & Bars

The Scandinavian Bar is a must. Right in the center of Mykonos Town, this amazing bar offers a very varied music selection, all under a ceiling filled with lights that offer a psychedelic experience unlike any other in Mykonos.

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Another good option is the Sunset Bar, which hosts a daily pool party. Go right before dusk to enjoy the world-famous Greek sunset experience.

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Jackie O’ Bar and Restaurant is in Super Paradise Beach, so it is a good option whenever you get hungry during a beach day.

Jackie O’ Club and Babylon are two gay clubs close to the old port that offer daily parties. Go if you love pop classics!

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Beautiful sandy beaches are abundant in Mykonos and your choice should depend on whether you are looking for party or for relaxation. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are two of the most popular party beaches on the island.
Getting good cocktails will not be an issue when visiting them.

On the other hand, Elia and Ornos Beach are two of the most popular quiet beaches on the island. You will find good food service in any of them. There is also a small beach in Mykonos town where you can tan and swim.

*Beaches in Mykonos tend to follow a general rule: looking at the sea, go left for conservative beaches and go right for nudist and/or gay beaches.

Where to eat

You will find the most varied assortment of restaurants in Mykonos Town. There are tons of options close to the old port and most places will offer Italian food (Niko’s Tavern is a popular choice) and Greek food, so expect mostly pasta and seafood.

One important piece of advice is that you try to stay away from the restaurants in Little Venice: the view might be outstanding, but most restaurants target tourists and the quality of the food will not justify the pricy dishes.

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Ideally, you should rent a car. Even though traffic can get a bit horrible during peak season, a car will be your best choice when you are trying to visit any of the beaches that will be a bit far away from your hotel. Walking times to Super Paradise and Elia Beach are around 1 to 2 hours from Mykonos Town and that could get a bit messy when it is more than 30 degrees outside.

There is free parking service in all the beaches and the free city parking is close to Mykonos town.

As an alternative, bus and ferry services are offered, departing from the old port and from the city port.

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And that’s it! Get ready for your unforgettable Greek holidays and get ready to fall in love with the marvelous Mykonos!

And remember: What happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos! (tan excluded).

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