We look for flats for you, we recommend where you should travel to, we tell you how to leave your house in a good state and we even show you history. Without wanting to get overly academic, we are very excited to tell you all about Athens. It's the cradle from where Western civilisation grew, with more than 3,000 years of antiquity and full of historic monuments which is responsible for the city being one of the most interesting touristic points in the whole of Europe. Who wouldn't like to live surrounded by so much history?  Here at Spotahome we're quite curious people and we love to share our curiosity with you. Do you enjoy the films of Lanthimos? Athens. Or the books of Márkaris? In Athens, where else…?

1. Plaka neighbourhood

It's time to get serious as we're talking about nothing less than the heart of Ancient Greece. Underneath the columns of the imposing Acropolis, the Plaka area is one of oldest, as well as most touristic, sites in the city. Full of shops and restaurants, Plaka is a picturesque, Byzantine-inspired neighbourhood which stretches out across hundreds of narrow streets and labyrinths which makes the area ideal for exploring. Here you can also visit the small Anafiotika neighbourhood, full of white houses and streets, a proper Mediterranean village.

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2. Syntagma

Close to Platka is Syntagma, Athen's main square. Located at the heart of the Greek capital, you won't be surprised to hear that it's one of the city's busiest spots. Geographically slap bang in the centre, in front of the square stands the enormous Greek parliament, the headquarters of the country's democracy and an old palace built in the 19th century. Behind the building is Ermou street, one of the city's principal shopping avenues. Furthermore, a lot of tourists congregate before the parliament building to see the Evzones changing of the guard, soldiers who each and every day guard the tomb of the unknown soldier, right in front of the building.

Atenas, Parlamento, Syntagma, Grecia, Guardia, Griega

3. Gazi

Gazi is one of Athen's trendy neighbourhoods. Known as the most liberal and LGBT friendly area in the city, its popularity continues to soar in parallel with Technopolis, an old factory converted into the neighbourhood's cultural centre. Around this site, music, art, cafes and restaurants mix, forming one of the most interesting and touristic points that the Greek capital has to offer.  It's also close to the site of Kerameikos which in Ancient Greece was the artisan pottery neighbourhood. If you're still unsure, close by we have found for you this flat which fits in well with the neighbourhood, but most importantly with you.

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4. Monastiraki

Just behind the neighbourhood of Plaka is Monastiraki, another one of the most popular and lively areas of the city, and also underneath the eternal gaze of the hills and of the Acropolis. There are many interesting spots to visit in this area; from the ruins of Hadrian's library to the Tower of the Winds (Horologion of Andronikos Kyrrhestes) or the Temple of Hephaestus. But without doubt, one of the biggest attractions which lures more tourists is the local market where you will be able to acquire all manner of curiosities and second hand objects.

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5. Kolonaki

It's said that it's one of the city's most elegant neighbourhoods... and it's easy to see why. Do you smell that? That's the smell of sophistication and you can feel it in every street. In their Neoclassic style streets and houses, live the elite of Greek society who have turned the area into a touristic point of interest for the millions of visitors who come to Athens each year. Its hundreds of boutiques, bars and restaurants make it a must see for any tourist, even if it's only to gaze at it and admire it. And as we're on the subject, if you yourself are a lover of all chic things and sophistication, then take a look at this apartment. Those chairs, eh? Made to make you feel a bit like Constantine the Great, right? But a 21st century version.

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