There are beautiful weekend destinations all around Europe known worldwide such as Venice and its romantic canals, Paris and its Eiffel tower, London and its global vibe and so many more. But Europe also has billions of smallish villages and less-known towns as well as countless hidden treasures.

Have you been to any of these weekend destinations?

4 Charming European Weekend Destinations You Need To Visit

Here’s a small selection of some weekend destinations to inspire you for a getaway from any of our Spotahome properties all around Europe.

Let us know which ones are your favourites and share yours below, but ssshhh please! These places need to be kept as a secret! ?

1. Matera, Basilicata, Italy

This is one of the most interesting, unusual and memorable cities in Italy. Nestled in the  southern region of Basilicata  and  still little-visited by foreign tourists,  Matera is famous for the **caves-houses** which have been inhabited for centuries and are now offering a unique opportunity to experience a holiday in one of the many B&Bs and hotels.![Basilicata Matera 4 Charming European Weekend Destinations You Need To Visit](

- Getting there from Rome: you can opt for a one-hour flight to Bari from where you can get a bus or train to Matera station (60 Km). Otherwise, if you have more time, you can rent a car from Rome (5hrs).

2. Cascais, Portugal

Once you’ve seen everything in Lisbon and your limbs are tired of all the climbing up and down the hills, there is a place where you can chill and relax undisturbed. Despite centuries have passed, this once **tiny fishing village** has grown to become the gorgeous beach town that it is today but it still retains much of the charm of its fishing past. The daily catch is still auctioned in the square next to the harbour square and you can still see the tiny colourful boats in the port.

- Getting there from Seville : the quickest way is to fly to Lisbon International Airport and then drive 20 kilometres to Cascais. Otherwise, if you have more time you can either catch a bus to Faro and from there a train up to Lisbon and then the local one to Cascais; or  you  can also jump on an Internorte bus (twice a day) which takes you from Sevilla to Cascais in just over 9 hours.

3. Gdansk, Poland

Gdańsk has a unique feel that makes it stand out  from the all the other cities in **Poland and Eastern Europe**. Centuries of maritime ebb and the peculiar mix of international architecture make this beautiful Polish town a pleasure to visit and wonder. A walk on its **cobbled streets** and a wonder at one of its numerous markets are just a couple of the fun things you can do during your weekend here. ![ 4 Charming European Weekend Destinations You Need To Visit]( ** Getting there from** **[Berlin](**: You have 6 ways to get from Berlin to Gdańsk. The cheapest way is train which costs 152 zł. You can fly to Gdansk from both Berlin Tegel and Schoenefeld or you can catch a train which takes you to Gdansk in less than 6 hours. Finally, you can also opt for a bus ride with **[Flixbus](  or  [Eurolines De](**.

4. Kimmeridge,  Dorset, UK

**Kimmeridge** is a uber cute, tiny village on the Isle of Purbeck, a peninsula on the English Channel coast in **Dorset**, England. It is situated about 7 km south of Wareham and 11 km west of Swanage. In 2013 the estimated population of Kimmeridge was 90. Kimmeridge is a great stop during your exploration of the **Jurassic Coast**, a World Heritage Site, which features stunning sights like Durdle Door and Lighthouse.

- Getting there from LondonThe very best option to enjoy a relaxing weekend or week in Dorset is to drive down with a rental car. However, Dorset is also easily reached by train from London, but once you get there again, the best option is to rent your own car where you can take the B3075 through Wareham and follow signs for Kimmeridge.

**No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.** – Lin Yutang
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