London is big. So big it has apps specifically designed for its residents. We kept it minimal as we understand you really don’t need 20 new apps – hurray for those who still use phones with low storage ? And the best part? All apps are completely FREE!

12 apps for expats in London you should have on your phone

Transportation apps

For those with a terrible sense of direction


When I lived in London, I was always amazed how this app managed to always get the correct bus times, no matter what.

London Tube Map

When you’re not sure which line you need to take.

Best apps for long-way commuters

Temple Run

Yeah, this may be old, but this was my favorite past time while being stuck on the Piccadilly Line to Cockfosters (couldn’t resist).

Angry Birds

Do Angry Birds count as retro yet?


For those who prefer to educate themselves during their commute.

Go out and explore apps

Most useful apps for expats in London!

Great Little Place

Stuck on finding new things to do in London? Not anymore!


Looking for the best concerts or events in town? You can buy tickets with no booking fees through dice!


Bubblo finds 5 best places near you – Bubblo allows you to see the gender ratio statistics as well as watch videos of the place before you even step in.


So what happens when a bar closes early, but you still want to party? You open your NightCapp app and find bars near you that are still open! Simple as that!

London Coffee Network

If you want to support independent coffee shops and get a free coffee in return, London Coffe Network is what you should check out.

The best of the best (that don’t fit in with the rest)

Wi-Fi Finder

Does your Wi-Fi suck? Are you short on your mobile data? Find open Wi-Fi spots near you!

Match Pint

Match Pint is a perfect choice for football fans who are looking to watch the game from a pub – it shows you all nearby bars that stream the game!

What’s YOUR favorite London app?


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