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Moving can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re moving overseas or have just moved out for the first time. Luckily, over last seven decades, Kent Removals & Storage moved more than a million people and have mastered the art of the move along the way.

They’ve compiled the ultimate moving house checklist to help you overcome the usual problems and stresses of moving. So, if you’re after a fast, comfortable, safe move, following this checklist should hold you in good stead.

Kent Removals & StorageKent Removals & Storage

Universal House Packing Tips

  • Take your time. The more rushed you are when packing, the more likely you are to forget things. Haphazard packing is also a common cause of breakages.
  • If you’re downsizing into mid to long-term housing and have a suspicion that all your belongings might not fit, this is the perfect time for a spring clean, or even a garage sale.

Starting Early

  • Do some research on your new area so you know how to find those immediately necessary amenities, like the chemist and supermarket.
  • Sort-out. Go through everything you have, if you don’t need it—throw it out.
  • If you need long or short term storage, organise it early.
  • Begin packing—it can be a tedious and time-consuming process, and always takes longer than you expect.
  • Notify all the relevant authorities, utilities and service providers of your change of address.

Within a Fortnight

  • Thoroughly clean your old housing, particularly if you want your deposit returned in full.
  • Confirm your international mover.
  • Make sure council and building management regulations don’t prohibit parking or access to your homes.
  • Return things like DVDs, books, and friends’ belongings.
  • Collect prescriptions, medical documents and other relevant documentation.

Within a Week

  • Arrange to collect the keys to your new housing from your landlord.
  • Confirm times, insurance status and removal plans with your moving company.
  • Check to make sure there haven’t been any changes to your flights.

48 Hours of Moving

  • Pack an emergency bag of essentials and make sure you can access it easily.
  • Check that your new housing is clean and ready.
  • Ensure you have clear instructions and a plan ready for your removalists.

At Your Old Place

  • Clear the way for removalists to work without inhibition.
  • Load high priority items last and carefully and unload them first.
  • Itemise and tick off every packed item.
  • Secure your old house and return the keys.
  • If you are vacating a rental property, make sure it has been cleaned sufficiently.

At Your New Place

  • Check that the utilities are connected.
  • Provide access and instructions to removalists on where to put what.
  • Check the condition of everything that’s been unpacked.

Sit back and enjoy your new home!

Kent Removals & StorageKent Removals & Storage

House Moving Checklist - Kent Removals & Storage