Neha Khachhibhoya is a 22 year old Bachelor of Engineering student from Nepal who won the hackathon “The Algorithm is Female”, held by Ironhack, a global tech school which runs bootcamps, and Hemper. Neha’s prize was a sponsored trip to study Ironhack’s Web Development bootcamp at their campus in Barcelona. Not only was this Neha's first time in Europe, it was also Neha's first time outside Nepal.

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Neha's apartment was close to the very beautiful La Sagrada Familia

Here, Neha shares with us her experience in Barcelona and how she believes living abroad the bootcamp will impact her life once she returns to Nepal.

  1. What has living abroad taught you?

It’s definitely taught me how to be independent, how to manage my diet and do household chores. I didn’t do that much cooking before at home, but of course I made some food but it’s not as good as my mother’s cooking - you can’t really compare.

I’ve learned about securing my stuff the hard way (Neha had her bag snatched in Barcelona), and it made me realise the importance of being aware and taking care of your things, as well as the importance of having family and friends around. The support of my bootcamp cohort was so overwhelming and it made me realise that it’s ok to ask people for help and they’re more than willing to help you.Since then I’ve become a whole new person, I’ve learned a lot about life in general.

Neha with some of her friends from the Ironhack bootcamp

2. Is there something you learned from your flatmates that you will continue to do once you go home?

I learned to make time to get to know each other! I didn’t get to spend much time in the flat. I also learned to wash dishes after you’re done cooking - sharing the kitchen means you need to clean up straight afterwards.

3. What about work-life in Barcelona vs. Nepal. Is there something you have learned that you will take home and share with your colleagues?

In Nepal, we only have one weekend day (Saturday) and people tend to relax after the week. In Barcelona, people do things on the weekend and that’s the thing I would take back. In my bootcamp, there were a lot of people from different backgrounds who wanted a career change into tech, and it made me realise people here really know how to balance work and life. It was a shock for me that people in Europe don’t work Sunday - it’s normal in Nepal to work Sunday - Friday.

Neha with her bootcamp cohort

4. What will be the hardest thing to get used to back home?

I’ll miss the convenience of Barcelona and have to get used to the dust again. There’s lots of smoke and dust over there.

5. How do you think this experience has changed you?

I’ve learned to be independent and I have a different perspective about life in general. I need to get out of my comfort zone more often. And I’ve gotten to meet the most amazing people and hope to stay in touch with them.

6. What new opportunities do you believe you will have because of this experience?

This experience has helped me to broaden my perspective and consider opportunities in other countries - it would be wonderful to get a job outside Nepal. Career opportunities in Nepal are really limited.

7. Will your experience with Ironhack give you any special advantage in your career?

It will really help me as a web developer in Nepal.The Ironhack bootcamp focused on MERL stack development, and the possibilities are endless, you can develop any ideas you have in your mind. It focuses on certain tools and JavaScript.

I’ve learned so much about diversity and thinking outside of the box.

8. Do you think if you had done a similar course in Nepal, it would open the same opportunities to you? Why or why not?

It really comes down to the core of what I’ve learned and the skills. I’ve learned so much through this experience that I would not have learned any other way, it exposed me to a whole other world of opportunity.

Neha is looking forward to returning to Barcelona some day, and looking for a work experience that will allow her to put her skills into good use.

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