Thanksgiving is all about food and family, but what if you are far away, on the other side of the world? Are you going to skip the festivity? NO WAY!

There are lots of ways to celebrate Thanksgiving by yourself, which are far better than wasting the day on the sofa pitying yourself.

First of all, if you are an expat in London, Lisbon or Madrid, it's totally normal to feel lonely, especially since you are going to see all the stories of your family and friends gathering without you. I get it, I've been there too!

So here's a series of ideas you can plan for your away from home Thanksgiving. Come on! It's gonna be fun!!

1. A turkey for yourself (and your friends)

Do you live in Paris and your French friends don't celebrate Thanksgiving? Well, the beauty of living in a foreign country is all about exchanging cultures and traditions. Gather your local friends and share your family traditions. Cook together, watch football and play games. Different people, same vibe.


2. Connect with your family and friends

Even if you now live on the other side of the pond, there are no reasons why you shouldn't use technology to connect with them on Thanksgiving day! Skype and FaceTime come in hand to see and hear your loved ones even from miles and miles away. I promise you it will feel like a balm for the soul and you'll instantly feel like being back home.

Cellphone Skype on laptop
Photo by Tirza van Dijk / Unsplash

3. Go on a trip

What's better than a trip out of town? If you live in London, read these excellent day trips options or if you have more time, make sure to check these getaways.

Driving our way through New Zealands South Island. Getting lost in the scenery
Photo by Paula May / Unsplash

4. Help others, feel great

Thanksgiving is all about thanks and giving, so what's better opportunity to give back to less-fortunate people? You could help them at a soup kitchen or a local shelter. I can guarantee that there is nothing better to feel grateful and useful than helping others.

I met Michael in a Boston subway station. I told him I liked his sign. “What matters is what it means to you,” he told me.

I asked what it meant to him. “Doing a deed or expressing kindness to another person without expecting anything in return,” Michael said.

I love approaching strangers wherever I go. Listening and talking to them teaches you about people and how similar we all are to one another. Just like Michael, we’re all seeking human kindness.
Photo by Matt Collamer / Unsplash

5. Pamper yourself

It's great to give to others, but when was the last time you did something for yourself? If you are spending Thanksgiving alone, take the opportunity to pamper yourself a little. Maybe start by booking a massage or a new haircut. Take a bubbly bath or maybe even book yourself a full day at the spa.

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6. Write Thank You letters

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about all the people who you've grateful to? Well, maybe you can spend this Thanksgiving by actually giving thanks to all the people in your life who've helped you, who've been there for you in rough times or people who inspired you. To add a touch of style, maybe use the old-fashioned pen and paper instead of emails and text. Can you imagine when they'll receive your letter?

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What are your plans for this Thanksgiving? Share them with us in the comments below? Do you know of any friends who are going to spend Thanksgiving alone this year? Share this article with them on your social media!

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