Spotahome is hiring!

We are looking for freelance writers/bloggers to join our team and take our blog to EPIC places! We are looking for students, expats, professionals and travel aficionados who want to write for us and join our multi-national team. Want to share your storyor are you a huge fan of social media? Do you document your explorations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or create videos on Youtube?

We want YOU!

We try to be the local friend in all of our cities and looking for the coolest events, best places to eat, weekend trips, bars…you name it! Working remotely is A-Okay and brownie points especially if you live in (or have extensive travel experiences in) one of the Spotahome cities, which include: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Valencia, Milan, Paris, London, Rome, Brussels, Lyon, Dublin, Dubai, Istanbul, Berlin or Vienna (and many more to come).If you are passionate about sharing your journey, inspiring people to explore the word, and want to be a part of an amazing community, join us! Check out our blog here:

Ready to #spotyourlife?

Send an email to [email protected] with your blog URL, CV, writing samples, article ideas, social media profiles and anything else that shows you want to join our team!

Compensation to be determined.