Ever wondered what neighborhood you belong in? Let’s face it, neighborhood stereotyping has always been a “thing” in Madrid, considering there are unique neighborhoods in the city that offer residents very different living experiences. Please note that these are average room prices and will vary depending on your type of accommodation.  Although only eight neighborhoods made the cut, the descriptions are quite accurate. Do you agree?

What neighborhood do you fit in? Let us know in the comments below!

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![Madrid Neighbourhoods Map [Infographic]](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2017/05/Spotahome_infographic_stereotypes-01.png)

También disponible en español:

![Mapa de barrios de Madrid [Infografía]](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2017/05/What-neighborhood-do-you-fit-in_Spanish_vertical.png)