Guest Author: Eylul Basok, Spotahome Student Ambassador

When someone says “Milan”, the first word that comes to mind is, of course, fashion, which is followed by shopping, design and exhibitions. But is that all that Milan can offer to you?

What if you are an adventure seeker or an outdoor kind of person? Does it mean living in Milan is not for you?

For the 4 years I have been living in this city, I was never able to fulfill my passion for outdoor sports. This was until I
met the ‘chasing' events of Sharewood.

Sharewood is a start-up based in Milan. What I most love about Sharewood are the different events that they organize every 2 weeks, in collaboration with ‘Vertikal Tribe'. The only common ground of every event is adventure!

Be ready to feel the taste of freedom. But before you start, I have to warn you that it is addictive!

1. Chasing Waves

I have been to Portugal, Spain and France for surfing but never thought that I could also surf in Italy, just a 3-hour drive away from my home in Milan. No need for plane tickets, hotel
reservations nor a vacation from your school/work. You can go and return back to Milan in the same day.

Photo by author

We went to Andora, which is a small town in Liguria region. As soon as I got off the bus, I was amazed by the ... Everything!! I started questioning if we got teleported to some tropical island while I was sleeping on the bus. There was nothing similar to the big city life of Milan. The sun was shining through the leaves of the palm trees that embrace the whole coast. Waves were hitting to the shore as they were trying to welcome us. And there were people SURFING!! Real people, real surf!! Was I in heaven or what? Then I heard people starting  their sentences with “allora”. Yes, I was in Italy for sure!

A few tips:

  • Check the forecast before you go.
  • Eat “focaccio”.
  • Never leave this town!

2. Chasing Wake

So you fell in love with surfing and want to do it again. You checked the forecast but wait, what?
There are no waves?! Alright, calm down and type “idroscalo” to Google Maps.

Idroscalo is located on the east of Milan, literally inside the borders of Milan. It is known to be “il mare di Milano” that could be translated as “the sea of Milan”. You can go there by public transportation from the city centre in 45 minutes or just drive.

It is essentially a huge artificial lake, surrounded by trees and greenery. In a specific spot on the lake, ramps and a system of cable will catch your eye. Yesss, it is time to wakeboard!!

Photo by author

Basically, there is a board attached to your feet by strings and a cable pulling you that you keep with your hands from the hanger. If you're a pro, try the ramps for some jumps! If you are a beginner, don’t worry; when we went there, it was my first time trying wakeboard and there were instructors to show me as well as aneasier path for begginers.

Luckily it was a lovely and sunny in the middle of April, so we enjoyed a couple of beers afterwards!

3. Chasing Rafting

If you are looking for the real excitement of a collective sport, this time, we are on the road for rafting!!

Just a couple of hours away from Milan, Adda River in Valtellina, a magical place surrounded by mountains, will take you away from all your worries.

The pure adrenaline of rafting will reshape the meaning of adventure once again. In the beginning, we had some lessons about the basics of rafting and then we were in the water!

Photo source: Unsplash

Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of shoes that will get wet because of the unavoidable possibility of falling into the water, over and over again.

4. Chasing Forest

For this event we will be away from the water, because this time, we will be in the air!! We will climb mountains, explore the nature and finally cross them with ziplinning!

If you see someone flying through the beautiful landscape of Valle d'Aosta, it will be me... Or it could even be you ☺

Stay tuned for the next events!

Never stop exploring and never stop “chasing” adventure!

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