Meet Anna, our property checker from Paris!

Anna ChruscinskaAnna is our expert on creativity who’s in love with photography, dancing and writing (and Paris). With her PhD in Sociology and MA in Art History, she has the knowledge on the entire universe, which is exactly why she’s one of the best property checkers in Paris. Today she’s here to share her favorite local tips on Paris.

Here are Anna’s top local tips on Paris

Local Paris Tips

Best place to live?

The romantic and artsy Montmartre.

When I first moved to Paris, I lived next to Montmartre and I absolutely adored it. Sure, it’s visited by lots of tourists – that’s why I really enjoyed waking up early before the crowds and strolled the empty streets. The atmosphere is completely different and there’s something mysterious behind it.

Best street in the city?

The charming Rue des Martyrs.

I just recently discovered this magical street, full of little boutiques, bakeries with fresh croissants and tiny bars and cafes. In my opinion, this is the true essence of Paris and a must visit.  

To do something different and unique?

There are so many choices!

I really enjoy Paris’ 4th district, Les Marais – it reminds me of Eastern European cities with its narrow streets. Everything is slightly smaller, but somehow a lot more cosy.

When I crave for nature, i go to Parc Floral or to la Defense, for some futuristic cityscape.

Anna’s favorite spots in Paris

For a romantic stroll.

I love getting lost in Montmartre. Just walk along the streets and you will discover plenty of magical places. And when you get tired, walk down the Rue Lepic and have some coffee at the famous “Cafe des Deux Moulins”, featured in the movie Amelie.

For a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I love Canal Saint Martin – have a meal or a drink in one of the nearby bars and restaurants, or hire a boat. This is a perfect place for students – they love to sit on the canal banks and have a glass of wine.

For those who like to have it all:

Place des Vosges! This is where you can enjoy a beautiful architecture together with a magnificent parc with fountains. It’s up to you to choose between the History (visit the home of Vicotr Hugo), Art (many galleries) or Leisure (lovely cafes). To bring it even on a higher level, you can have a French macaroon from a nearby pastry shop.

Secret places in Paris people don’t know about:

Not many people know that there are beehives on the top of the building of the Opera Garnier, so not only it’s a beautiful place but also nature-friendly. And you can buy the honey that was made by Parisian bees!

There are also many spots in Paris where you can dance outdoors, for example, at the river banks – it’s so wonderful in the summer, when the boats filled with tourist pass by and you can see the Notre-Dame cathedral soaked in the sunset light. If you want to dance yourself or have a picnic and watch the others go to the Quai Saint-Bernard ?

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