As concerns around COVID-19 continue to grow all around the world, at Spotahome, we want to ensure that you have the right sources at hand to help you stay up to date on the current situation in Europe. For this, we have gathered a selection of reliable sources in different countries offering clear infographics and dashboards with live information in English.

World Live Tracker:

Johns Hopkins University: COVID-19 researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the US have created a live map and dashboard with up to date numbers of cases and other data on COVID-19 in real-time. The map is available to view in both desktop and mobile.


A recent snapshot of the Johns Hopkins Univeristy Coronavirus data dashboard, available at


Worldometer: Worldometer is a great source that provides real-time statistics worldwide. For Spain, the platform collects data from The Carlos III Health Institute, a Spanish public health research institute, which is the same source used by the Spanish government for their COVID-19 updates.


The United Kingdom:

The Guardian: The British daily newspaper, The Guardian, has created a tracking map that includes all the cases reported in the UK in real-time. All data showcased in this source are official government figures from Public Health England (



Robert Koch Institute: The Robert Koch Institute is the German national public health institute. In their website you can see daily updates on the number of COVID-19 cases in Germany and other important data.



Statista: Statista is one of the world’s leading statistics portal, that offers data collected by different market and opinion research institutes. The site presents the statistics through clear clear infographics and reports. Here you can see a bar chart reflecting the number of cases in the different regions in Italy.


You can also see the distribution of COVID-19 cases in Italy by age group.



Statista: This platform also offers a bar chart reflecting the number of COVID-19 cases and other relevant data by regions in France.



Statista: Here you can see a bar chart reflecting the number of COVID-19 cases since February in Belgium.



Government of Ireland: The Irish government's website shares daily reports and graphics with COVID-19 updates in Ireland. In these reports, you will be able to see the distribution of cases by age, county, and transmission classification.


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