Relocating To Zaragoza

Relocating to a new city can be both exciting and daunting. However, if you're moving to Zaragoza, you're in for a treat. This beautiful Spanish city is full of history, culture, and amazing food. In this post, we will provide tips and advice to help you navigate the process of relocating to Zaragoza and start your new adventure.

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Research The City Before You Move

Before you move to Zaragoza, it's important to do your research. This will give you an idea of what to expect and help you prepare for your new life in the city. You can start by reading travel blogs and guidebooks, watching videos on YouTube, and following Zaragoza-related social media accounts. This will give you a sense of the city's history, culture, and lifestyle.

Source: Emilio Sánchez

Learn The Language

If you don't already speak Spanish, it's important to start learning the language before you move to Zaragoza. While it's possible to get by with just English, knowing Spanish will make your life in the city much easier. You can take Spanish classes online, hire a tutor, or attend language schools in Zaragoza once you arrive.

Source: Emilio Sánchez

Cost of Living

The average annual salary is around 33,000 euros therefore the price of items will be reflected in this. In addition the cost of items will vary around the city depending if you are in areas that are tourist-heavy. Prices will generally be higher than in non-tourist areas where locals live and conduct their daily lives.

Here are a few figures:

  • A meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs around 12 euros.
  • Domestic beer 0.5 liters costs 0.83  euros.
  • Imported beer 0.33 liters cost 1.27 euros
  • A cappuccino cost around 1.46 euros.
  • 500 grams of bread costs 0.79 euros.
  • 12 eggs cost around 2.05 euros.
  • 1kg of rice costs 1.03 euros.
  • 1kg of potatoes costs 1.40 euros.
  • 1kg of chicken fillets costs 5.97 euros.
  • A lettuce head costs 0.92
  • A bottle of wine costs 5 euros.
  • Monthly fitness pass costs around 33 euros.
  • A cinema ticket costs around 7 euros.

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Zaragoza, located in northeastern Spain, has an extensive and efficient public transport system that is affordable and convenient for residents and tourists alike. The city offers a variety of public transport options, including buses, trams, and bicycles.

The bus network is the most common mode of public transport in Zaragoza, with over 30 lines that operate throughout the city. Buses run frequently, with service starting as early as 5:30am and ending at midnight. The buses are modern and well-maintained, and the routes cover the entire city, including the suburbs. The buses are equipped with air conditioning and are wheelchair accessible.

In addition to buses, Zaragoza has a modern tram system that operates six lines, covering the main areas of the city. The trams run every few minutes, making them a convenient and reliable mode of transportation. The trams are spacious and comfortable, with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

Another option for public transport in Zaragoza is the Bizi bike-sharing system. With over 130 stations located throughout the city, visitors can rent bikes for short periods at a reasonable cost. The system is user-friendly, and visitors can rent bikes with a smartphone app or a card.

Overall, the public transport system in Zaragoza is reliable, efficient, and affordable. The city's commitment to improving its public transport network has made it an accessible and enjoyable place to explore.

Ticket fares are discounted for those who earn below 15,000 euros, unemployed and those between 12 and 30 years of age.

Here are some of the fares of adult passes and how much they cost:

  • A single ticket costs 1.50 euros for one trip.
  • A 30 day pass costs 21.54 euros.
  • A 90 day pass costs 56.49 euros.
  • A pass for 365 days costs 193.56 euros.

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Explore The City

One of the best ways to get to know Zaragoza is to explore the city on foot. You can start by visiting the historic Old Town, which is home to some of the city's most important landmarks, including the Basilica del Pilar and the Aljafería Palace. You can also visit the modern part of the city, which is full of shops, restaurants, and museums.

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Get Involved In The Local Community

To make the most of your time in Zaragoza, it's important to get involved in the local community. You can start by attending local events and festivals, such as the Fiestas del Pilar or the Festival Asalto. You can also join local clubs and organisations that align with your interests, such as sports teams, language exchange groups, or volunteer organisations.

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Finding Work

If you're moving to Zaragoza for work, you're in luck. The city is home to many thriving industries, including technology, tourism, and agriculture. You can search for job opportunities online, attend job fairs, or work with a local recruitment agency.

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Make Friends

Moving to a new city can be lonely, so it's important to make friends. You can start by joining local social groups, attending language exchange events, or using social media to connect with other expats in Zaragoza. You can also volunteer for local organisations, which is a great way to meet like-minded people.

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Embrace The Culture

One of the best things about living in Zaragoza is the rich culture and history of the city. From the stunning architecture to the delicious food, there's so much to explore and appreciate. Take advantage of local festivals and events, visit museums and historical sites, and try new foods and drinks. By fully embracing the culture, you'll feel more connected to your new home and have a richer experience.

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Stay Connected

Moving to a new city can be daunting, but it's important to stay connected to friends and family back home as well as make new connections in Zaragoza. Join local clubs or groups that align with your interests, volunteer in the community, or take classes to meet new people. Don't forget to stay in touch with loved ones back home through video calls or messaging apps. Having a strong support system will make the transition to Zaragoza much easier.

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Is Zaragoza For You?

Relocating to Zaragoza can be an exciting adventure. By doing your research, finding a place to live, learning the language, exploring the city, getting involved in the local community, finding work, getting to know the local cuisine, and making friends.

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