Every now and then it is good to remember about spending some quality time with your other half. Here are top 5 romantic places to look out for while picking a weekend getaway with your loved one!

Karpniki Castle

My absolute favourite when it comes to Lower Silesia! It is a truly magical place with a castle dating back to the 14th century hidden among hills and forests with a distant view of the mountains. It has been beautifully refurbished yet owners preserved the atmosphere of the place by being true to the original decor.

While there in no way you have a feeling you’re in a hotel - it is very intimate and somewhat mysterious. Karpniki castle is one of those places where one has a very, very limited amount of other guests. Beautiful over the course of any season, it provides a rewarding amount of beauty when you look out of the window to see the famed ponds making the castle look as if it were immersed in water. I recommend apartments from the south side of the building - this way you’ll marvel at a sight of Karkonosze Mountains, one of the great Polish National Parks.

The place offers breakfasts and mouthwatering Polish cuisine specialities, a spa, refurbished bel-etage on the top floor and a beautiful park surrounding the castle. For those who would like to feel even more immersed I advise to consider staying at a Renaissance apartment!

As it goes for trekking, Karpacz (a city at a bottom of the mountains) is only 30 min away by car, easily accessible! What is more Lower Silesia is a place filled with palaces and castles every 0,5-1 hour drive away so you could do some unforgettable sightseeing.

Karpniki Castle (photo: Klaudia Czerwińska)

Acqua di Rosa

Once you land in Mazury Lakes land, the UNESCO world heritage region, you should by all means consider staying at Acqua di Rosa. It is a quiet, elegant yet cosy resort with immense gardens and an access to one of the cleanest rivers in Poland - Krutynia river, a great place to swim and kayak!

The whole area is truly picturesque and provides a number of activities everyone could enjoy - from lazy walks among fields of green to horseback riding at a nearby Ferenstein stable, mushroom picking, kayaking and cycling. The resort itself has a spa area, outside pools and a gym. In the summer season they also provide outside yoga classes.

Apart from the architecture taken out straight from Hamptons you will enjoy cosy interiors and great food (breakfasts in particular are delicious!) I am very much of a person enjoying spending time actively in the nature so I recommend this place to anyone who would like to reset while enjoying some luxury.

Acqua di Rosa (photo: Klaudia Czerwińska)

W drzewach

Every inner child’s dream, W drzewach directly translates to “among the trees”. It is a special place for all kinds of tree lovers. Why? Because, in fact, it is a complex of four tree houses. Literally. You get to pick from one of the four options of tree houses furbished to your needs. You will find yourself rest among the quiet of the forest among green.

Among thoe four options you will find different offers for those who look for different things - some houses will have libraries (with English books too!), some others will provide you with sounas and spa area or viewing terraces to observe the forest.

The place serves breakfasts and coffe/tea with hommade cake at 5.00pm. In case you wondered there is wifi and parking spaces but I highly recommend you disconnect for a while to really use the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate!

Photo: wdrzewach/Instagram

Górska osada

Loving mountains and winter sports? I think it is easy to say those are one of the most charming chalets. Located just around the corner from Zakopane, the mountain capital of Poland and one of the biggest skiing resorts, it is a great place to visit for a weekend. The whole resort is back to back with the Tatra mountains wonderful for hiking and admiring throughout the year!

There are five houses available and they are even more breathtaking once covred with snow (sometimes even from October till mid-April). Once there you can be sure to find some traditional patterns and inspirations from Podhale region used to decorate interiors. Each house has a kitchen and a livingroom with a fireplace for you to enjoy during crispy nights! During wintertime the owners will provide you with bonfires and sleigh parties thorough the snowy, sleepy mountains yielding real torchlights! What's more, there is also a playground for children and a mountain stream filled with fish if you fancy catching your dinner yourself! Recently, from spring till autumn you could find baby lambs to keep you company while outside :)

Apart from the chalets there is a vibrant city nearby with a number of traditional restaurants and shops. What is very appealing about this place it is nearby the city, but allows you to stay away from the crowds if you so wish. However, it is a more touristic option due to its location than the next place I have to offer you which is...

Photos: Górska osada/Instagram

Luxury Chalets Karpielówka

Simplicity of form and cosiness of tradition, two contrary concepts joined together in one space. Small chalets with amazing views of Tatra mountains, favourite during the winter season when one could just wrapt themselves in balnkets and stay in drinking hot chocolate watching the snow fall.

When you rent a house do not expect to have dinners there - there is a restaurant nearby, about 10 minutes away from the chalets. Each one has an equppied kitchen so you can make your own meals, so it is advisable to get some groceries to have something to snack on once the fallen snow blocks your chalet door ;)

The place is animal friendly, so if you have a problem leaving your dear pet at home you can take it with you!

Sport-wise you will get plenty of slopes around to enjoy if you travel during winteritme. In other cases, the place is not too far away from many breathtaking hikes taking up to few hours return.

Karpielówka is one of those places where you go once you want peace and quiet, where you go when you are in need of resetting and recharging. It is a perfect place to bring your books and diary with to stop for a moment away from the hustle. Take a look at a photo below and imagine a weekend with your loved one in those circumstances of nature. Then just enjoy!

Photo: Luxury Chalet Karpielówka/Instagram

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