15. Expecting tapas with your every meal. Even when you’re no longer in Spain.

Side Effects of Living in Madrid

14. Not understanding why clubs close before 7am back home.

Side Effects of Living in Madrid

13. You learn that the word ‘mañana’ could also mean ‘in 6 months’ when it comes to getting things done.

Side Effects of Living in Madrid

12. Chupitos. Chupitos. Chupitos. Chupitos.

11. You’re now spoiled with rooftop bars and skyline views and refuse to have a drinking experience on the ground level.

10. You voluntarily visit museums because Prado is just so so so awesome.

9. Chilling in Retiro Park with a bottle of Sangria (or Tinto de Verano) and all your friends is the best thing to do on a sunny weekend.

8. You don’t understand how anyone can have dinner before 9pm.

Side Effects of Living in Madrid

7. You know better than to visit Primark (or walk down Gran Via) on a weekend.

6. “Coño” is now a term of endearment.

5. And a cafe con leche is a medicinal way to survive weekdays.

4. You don’t know what you did with your life before trying churros con chocolate.

3. Three day weekends mean visiting another city because travelling in Europe is so cheap.

2. You roll your eyes every time someone tries to compare Madrid to Barcelona because it always leads to this.

Side Effects of Living in Madrid

1. You know that even if you might leave one day, you will eventually find your way back. Once a Madrileño, always a Madrileño. 

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