Here we are again. Once again.

A blank page in front of us and a brand new year in front of us. 2019 is almost over and we are now standing in front of three hundreds and sixty-six days to fill with remarkable days, adventures, dreams and love.

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Last year, at this same time I had just finished writing down 50 resolutions and dreams for this year, and guess what? I managed to tick off about 10 things off of that list. This is why this year, I am sharing with you some simple, but very important resolutions I'm writing on my journal instead.

Easy and Remarkable 2020 Resolutions

1. Switch off your phone and READ (50 books)!

I had the same target for 2019, but I only managed to read 35 books this past year. I spent far too much time on my phone (it's my job though), but I'm aiming to the same target this year.

Leafing through a book
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2. Walk everywhere

Since I work from home, I often don't leave the house at all. I spend my days sitting on a chair in front of my laptop. I can't even tell you how much weight I've gained the last year. But what I'm going to do now is:

  • actually move every time my smartwatch tells me so (and stop ignoring the notifications!!)
  • take the time to go places
  • walk every time I need to go some place close
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3. Wake up an hour earlier every day

I used to wake up before dawn when I had a 100% healthy and free lifestyle. But lately, as I work 18 hours a day, it's been pretty hard to keep up my mourning or sleeping routine. But in 2020, I'm putting my health back at the top of my priority list and force myself to go to bed at a decent time and wake up an hour earlier every day.

This is very important - to take leisure time - peace is the essence. Stop entirely sometimes and do nothing at all. If you don’t your going to loose everything. Just doing nothing is very very important. How many of you do this ? 
I bet very few of you. By not stopping to just do nothing we get very angry, frustrated, we go totally mad. Just stop. BE. SEE. FEEL. BE.
This girl reminds me of this anytime I see here !! Hey, so I honestly love having my friends over. And I truly think that ppl look most beautiful when just woke up.
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4. Explore more around home

When I think about travelling, I always think about faraway places that I've never been to. However, if I think about how much there is still to see in London, I'm always amazed. So, do the same this year!

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The big red bus - a London classic
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5. Try new things

Twenty-twenty is going to be a year where I try new things for the first time. I'm still thinking about what exactly, but perhaps I'll take a singing or swing dancing course.

It was an epic night of dancing in Sofia, Bulgaria. There were two live bands, several hundred dancers from around the world, and a grand ballroom that took my breath away as much as the actual dancing did.
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6. Learn to relax

I'm a super active person and barely never I relax. I always keep myself busy and I never really take the time to enjoy some leisure time doing nothing. I get anxious if time passes and I have many things to do. But this new year is going to be a different one where I'm going to schedule lazy time in my calendar.

Dog and hammock
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7. Cook at home more often

With all the amazing restaurants London has to offer and my busy life, I often opt to eat out or order take aways. But I've decided that in 2020, I'm going to cook more at home and eat healthier.

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8. Make a realistic budget.

Make now a vow to save money this year. Before you go back to work, outline a budget that will actually work, not some unrealistic goals you read somewhere. Just check your monthly expenses and decide where you are going to cut off.

A twenty-four year old woman counting dollar bills.
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9. Book all your doctor's visits for the year.

Pick your 2020 planner and start scheduling all your medical appointments for the year in one sitting. Start with your GP, and ask which exams you are due to. Then check your last dentist appointment and book that one too. Done now is better than not doing it!

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