Have you seen what comes out on our Facebook and Twitter feeds every day at 12 PM? It’s our latest #SpottyHouseoftheDay which we also post up on our Instagram and on our #SpottyHouseoftheDay board on Pinterest. Every week, our copywriters pick out their favorite properties for us to share with you. We post a new one every day, and every Thursday, we’ll post a round-up of the week’s Spotty Houses called **Spotty Houses of the Week **(#SpottyHousesoftheWeek).

**Our first-ever #SpottyHouse of the Day: Friday 23 January 2015

[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay, Albaicín, Granada](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-8.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-8.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 23 January 2015
We [started![](http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png)](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") things off with this gorgeous three-bedroom, two bathroom apartment is located on Cuesta del Chapiz in the iconic district of Albaicín in Granada. This historical neighborhood with narrow winding streets and Moorish houses is a destination for many tourists, yet has maintained a local and authentic atmosphere. Tenants will love living in this gorgeously decorated apartment with a rooftop terrace situated in the heart of the ancient Arab quarter. Think this could be your next [#SpottyHouse](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/spottyhouse)? [Book![](http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png)](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") it [here](http://ow.ly/HOfLf). 

24 January 2015

[![Valencia, Valencia Rentals, Poblats Maritims, #SpottyHouseoftheDay 24 January 2015](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-2.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-2.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 24 January 2015
We [started![](http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png)](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") our weekend off by [trading![](http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png)](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") the gorgeous views of the Alhambra in Granada’s Albaicín for the Mediterranean coast of Valencia in this stylish two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment that’s suited to offer a luxurious and memorable living experience. Everything in this apartment is top quality, including the furniture, fittings and accessories. It is located on Cavite street, in the neighbourhood of Poblats Maritims, two minutes away from La Malvarrosa beach. This wide and open beach has fine sand and is bordered by a lively promenade filled with cafes, bars and [restaurants![](http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png)](# "Click to Continue > by macshop"). This apartment is also great for students, with both the Universidad de Valencia and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia located within close proximity. This flat is exterior and has a total [floor![](http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png)](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") area of 105 sqm. Think this could be your next[#SpottyHouse](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/spottyhouse)? [Book![](http://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png)](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") it [here](http://ow.ly/HQEZI).

25 January 2015

[![Madrid, Madrid Rentals, #SpottyHouseoftheDay](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-3.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-3.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 25 January 2015
On #SpottyHouseoftheDay’s first Sunday Funday we went right back to where we started from, in the center of Madrid with this modern and very well-presented 30 m2 studio apartment with freshly painted walls. This interior apartment is located on Calle de Atocha, right in the city center and within close proximity to the beautiful Botanical Gardens, the Museo del Prado and Parque del Buen Retiro. You can also walk to Puerta del Sol and Atocha train station from where you can catch trains to visit other regions of Spain. You also have access to Cercanías trains which will take you to the airport in about 20 minutes. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://ow.ly/HQJh4).

26 January 2015

[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay Granada Rentals](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-4.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-4.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 26 January 2015
We then went back to Granada and to the Albaicín, but this time to this one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is located on Calle Cuesta de Yesqueros. Full of narrow winding streets and monuments, this neighborhood is one of the best preserved historical sites in the world. Residents and tourists alike have strong affections for this area for its charm and spectacular view spots overlooking the rooftops of Granada. Tenants of this property will surely fall in love as well, especially with the spacious and luminous apartment as a base! The tenants have an option to rent a parking space for an extra 50 euros per month.Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://ow.ly/HRTzE).

27 January 2015

[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay Valencia Valencia Rentals](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-5.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-5.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 27 January 2015
On Tuesday we went back to Valencia to highlight this studio on Carrer Convento de Jerusalem in the Extramurs district. This area is one of the most central districts of Valencia and mostly residential. The apartment’s proximity to the Ciutat Vella and L’Example allows tenants to experience the best of Valencia: traditional MARKETS, cultural centers, and cathedrals… the list goes on! This apartment is ideal for anyone who enjoys living in a calm, residential area while having easy access to the lively city center. The area of the apartment is 50 m2.Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? [Book it here](http://ow.ly/HRTPd).

**28 January 2015

[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 28 January 2015 Valencia Rentals](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-6.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-6.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 28 January 2015
We stayed in Valencia on the 28th, but this time we made it to L’Example with is this five-bedroom, two-bathroom exterior apartment on Gran Vía de Ferran el Catòlic. This flat has a preferential central location and is within walking distance to some of the city’s main landmarks and a couple of minutes away from bus stops and a metro station. The beautiful Jardí Botànic, a superb garden with more than 4500 species of plants on display, including exotic flora, is located five minutes away from the apartment, and there is a public library a few blocks away where you can study or borrow a book to practice your Spanish. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://ow.ly/HRU1L).

29 January 2015

[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 29 January 2015 Valencia Valencia Rentals](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-7.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/01/image-7.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 29 January 2015
To wrap up our first week of #SpottyHouseoftheDay we stayed in Valencia, but headed back to Poblats Maritims to this comfortable three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. It’s modern and spacious, nicely decorated using cream colors and wooden furniture, creating a relaxed and comforting vibe. On Carrer de Mendizábal, it’s very close to gorgeous Malvarrosa beach and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. This apartment is great for families or groups of friends travelling to Valencia together and looking for a comfortable apartment very close to the city center. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://ow.ly/HRUyR).

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