And we’re back with another round-up of the week in houses! You may have seen our little promotion in Sevilla in honor of the Feria de Abril, but never fear, we still had a whole slew of houses in all of our cities to feast your eyes on.

[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 10 April 2015](]( 10 April 2015
We started things off in the Ciutat Comtal on the right side of the famous L’Eixample neighborhood with this beautiful two bedroom property. With bright colors and modern amenities, this is an ideal place to live in this premier residential area. You’ll even have a big balcony, perfect to enjoy sunny days in the city. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 11 April 2015](]( 11 April 2015
We then took the AVE back to Madrid, home of #SpottyHQ to this intimate apartment in the heart of Madrid’s affluent Barrio de Salamanca on Calle General Pardiñas. This is a great space for someone looking to be in the heart of one of the city’s best shopping district and have everything you could possibly need. As we’ve been spoiled with some absolutely delightful spring weather as of late, the biggest perk of this space is the building’s swimming pool, ideal for hot summer days in Madrid. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 12 April 2015](]( 12 April 2015
We then hopped on the AVE to Valencia and to this six-bedroom property minutes from the city’s Estació del Nord. While we did trade the Gaudí-rich Eixample of Barcelona for this one in Valencia, this is one of the city’s most ideal residential areas. You’ll benefit from having all exterior rooms (with a window) with their own keys (ideal for those with safety as a top priority) AND a big common living area. There’s also plenty of room to cook. You’ll also be within steps of Russafa, a section of L’Eixample known for a trendy scene and amazing nightlife. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 13 April 2015](]( 13 April 2015
Heading south to Andalucía, we caught our eye on a studio in the heart of Granada’s Realejo neighborhood. This studio has the unique pleasure of having an amazing rooftop! Our picture doesn’t do justice to the amazing view you’ll get from your building of the historical center, and of course, the world-famous La Alhambra (it’s also within walking distance of your apartment!). Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](

[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 14 April 2015](]( 14 April 2015
We then headed to Sevilla with the soon-approaching Feria de Abril on our minds. These rooms in this three-bedroom property have been part of our SF2015 promotion and with only a ten-minute walk from the Universidad de Sevilla Ramón y Cajal campus, this is a great find for those wanting a quick commute and a nice property. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 15 April 2015](]( 15 April 2015
We ended our week in Italy, first heading to Rome and this three-bedroom property right near to the Piazza Bologna in the upscale Nomentano district. Many Romans covet a place here, and this apartment allows for you to be in a residential area while still having Tiburtino right nearby. From the ninth floor you’ll have sweeping views from your windows, along with plenty of color inside, giving you a true sense of La Dolce Vita. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 16 April 2015](]( 16 April 2015
And, finally, we end the week in Milan with these rooms in an up-and-coming district in the north of Milan, the Quarto Oggiaro. With plenty of sports and cultural centers, the building also has parking available, making it a perfect place to rest your head if you want to be able to drive around Milan and other areas in the region. There’s also plenty of space in the bedrooms and the common areas, giving you true comfort among your roommates. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](

And, as always, here are the links so you can reserve your pad!

See you next Thursday!