We’re just about to head out of #SpottyHQ for the long-awaited Puente de Mayo, but before we do, here’s our latest round-up of properties we’ve featured on social media this week.

[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 24 April 2015](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/Captura-de-pantalla-2015-04-23-a-las-21.07.32-300x167.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/Captura-de-pantalla-2015-04-23-a-las-21.07.32.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 24 April 2015
We started off the week on a high from the wonderful Diada de Sant Jordi in the CIutat Comtal (also known as Barcelona) with this absolutely beautiful duplex in the heart of the trendy El Born district. With a huge kitchen and living area, as well as a wide variety of room types for any budget, this a perfect place to rest your head if you want to have a group roommates that reflect the mosaic of people who live in Barcelona. The interior patio also has an excellent lounge area to give you plenty of space inside and outside. Additionally, many of the rooms have gorgeous exterior views of the neighborhood. There really is nothing like this! Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://bit.ly/1Ew1JUM).
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 25 April 2015](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/Captura-de-pantalla-2015-04-26-a-las-18.54.24-300x169.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/Captura-de-pantalla-2015-04-26-a-las-18.54.24.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 25 April 2015
We then took the AVE back to Madrid one-bedroom apartment on Calle Cuesta de San Vicente right in the center of Madrid. This apartment has a great location, being close not only to the touristic city center (such as Gran Vía, Sol, and Madrid de los Austrias) and hipster Malasaña, it’s also fifteen minutes from the Río Manzanares, which is a great place to run, ride bikes, or enjoy the urban beach in the Madrid Río installation. Inside the apartment, you’ll find contemporary furniture in a black-and-white aesthetic, and as an added perked, a weekly cleaning and laundry service. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://bit.ly/1yTJPJ6%20).
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 26 April 2015](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/image-24-300x168.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/image-24.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 26 April 2015
If you find yourself dreaming of the world-famous La Alhambra in Granada and you’ve always wanted to be able to look at it from your window, then this one-bedroom property in the heart of El Realejo is for you. There are two terraces in the apartment, but the larger one is definitely the jewel of this home. For a wonderful morning breakfast, to read a good book, or even to host a nighttime cocktail party with friends, the city’s most famous monument will keep you in great company. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://bit.ly/1yTM8fb).
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 27 April 2015](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/image-34-300x168.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/image-34.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 27 April 2015
Are you in need of pet-friendly accommodation in Milan? Then this renovated two-bedroom property in the northwestern Ghisolfa district’s got your number. With a modern kitchen, huge bathroom, AND of course the added of bonus of being able to bring your Fifi or Fido along for your journey. The area is an eclectic, multi-ethnic one, and if you just happen to be a Giovanni Testori aficionado; you’ll be among the setting of novels such as La Gilda del Mac Mahon and II Ponte della Ghisolfa. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://bit.ly/1Gvt5bg).
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 28 April 2015](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/image-44-300x168.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/image-44.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 28 April 2015
Our first Valencia offering of the week is a charming one-bedroom property in a walkup building in the historic Ciutat Vella, or Old City. You’ll have stunning views of this centrally-located district from your balcony, a big wardrobe in the bedroom for all of your items (in addition to the larger shelving unit), AND of course, the added benefit of being able to get your groceries from the iconic Mercat Central. For those studying at the Universitat Catolica de Valencia, you’ll be right within walking distance of campus, making for a scenic route to and from classes every morning and evening. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://bit.ly/1GwHtD1).


In Rome, this two-bedroom apartment in the San Giovanni/Appio Latino gives you plenty of space (100 m2), plenty of light, and a wide variety of attractions on foot. 15 minutes from the Centro Storico, plenty of shops and restaurants in the neighborhood, AND two iconic churches, you’ll be in an area that is constantly bustling with action. You’ll also have central heating, A/C for hot, Roman summers. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it here.

[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 30 April 2015](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/image-65-300x168.png)](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2015/04/image-65.png)#SpottyHouseoftheDay 30 April 2015
And, finally, we returned to Valencia with this luxurious three-bedroom property on Carrer de Sant Dionis, a picturesque one where you can walk among some of the city’s beautiful street art. With modern amenities, including a huge big-screen TV, crisp, clean white walls, and lots of modern installations, this is a perfect place for a group of friends looking to have a luxurious place to come home to right near the Universitat Catolica de Valencia campus, as well as the Mercat Central de Valencia. Only a seven-minute walk, you’ll be able to have the best produce in one of the city’s architectural jewels to do your daily grocery shopping! Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](http://bit.ly/1JsMi0R).

Think any of these could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book them here:

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