Summer in the UK is different depending on where you’re planning to spend it, but one of the biggest questionmarks out there is spending your summer in London. You might have a lot of questions like what the weather’s like in London during the summer, what are London’s best rooftop bars, how to get to the ocean, and what’s on during the summer in London. Don’t worry, we got them covered in this article!

What’s the weather like during the summer in London?

Let’s start with the ultimate question. June, July, and August are usually a gamble when it comes to good weather, but you’ll definitely receive a decent amount of Vitamin D - it might be balanced out by the rain every once in a while, but you’ll still be able to spend majority of your time outside, basking in the sun.

The average temperature is around 18 degrees celsius (64.4 Fahrenheit), which might not seem like it’s a lot, but you’ll be grateful for a lil’ breeze when you’ll be stuck on the hot tube full of people.

Enjoy the rooftop bars

Luckily, London has no shortage of rooftop bars, which make for an ideal visit during the summer. There’s no better way to spend your day than to enjoy the views, hanging out with your friends, and having a few drinks in the city. Here are our top three favourites that always make a good time!

The Culpeper

The Culpeper is a popular London bar with four separate floors - the most beloved being the rooftop bar with its own name, Piculpeper. The place overlooks London’s skyline and offers plenty of choices when it comes to food and drinks. It gets really crowded over the summer, so it’s always best to plan this one out and reserve yourself a table. Note that the rooftop bar is only open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Photo Credit: The Culpeper

Address: 40 Commercial St, London E1 6LP

The Rooftop

Located right in Trafalgar’s Square, The Rooftop is a perfect place to spend your night cocktailing away while you admire the fantastic view in front of you. You’ll be able to spot London Eye as well as plenty of other landmarks, all while sipping on some of the best drinks in the city.

Address: 7th Floor, 2 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2TS


If you really want the ultimate skyline view and are ready to pay slightly astronomical prices when it comes to your menu, you absolutely have to check out this beauty. And trust us, it’ll actually be worth it! Sushisamba, as the name might suggest, offers the best sushi in town, complete with a 38th view of the entire city. It seriously doesn’t get higher than this!

Photo Credit: Sushisamba

Address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

Cool off and chill out

Luckily, there are plenty of places where you’ll be able to cool off and chill out if you’re spending your summer in London. It might not always be hot, but it will definitely be an adventure!

Feeling extra hot? Step inside London’s Below Zero ice bar! Everything is made of ice, apart from the drinks, which are pretty incredible!

London also has two ice rinks, the Alexandra Palace and Queens - both are open all year round!

You should also take advantage of London’s fantastic parks and spend the day chillin’ under the shade somewhere in Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Queen’s Park and many more! Many landmarks also include fountains, which are ideal when it comes to cooling off.

And while London has plenty of indoor swimming pools, you can also become a true local and go swimming in the Hampstead Heath ponds - it’s a perfect adventure for those who might have never experienced what it’s like to swim in an actual lake!

Get out of London

One of the best things about London is that it’s just a few hours away from the beach and even several European cities. If you really want to experience a hot summer, you can always hop on a train or a plane, and you’ll be in another city in just a few hours.

Brighton, Eastbourne, Poole, Camber Sands, Broadstairs and many more places with beaches are easily reachable in just a couple of minutes on a fast-speed train.

Broadstairs, UK

And that’s it! You’ll also be able to experience plenty of festivals and some pretty random events in this city over the summer. Overall, you definitely won’t be disappointed. A summer in London is a totally doable and actually a pretty amazing experience - if you want it to be.

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