You may have noticed that our favourite topic is cities. But we don't want to bore you: it's just that we want you to choose wisely where to live. The best cities to work from home? On Spotahome. The best cities if you're crazy about art? On Spotahome. The ones with the best quality of life? Where else: only on Spotahome. That is why: we always want to make sure that you are comfortable wherever you are, so today we talk about European cities with the best public transport system.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland

We all know that Zurich has one of the best public transport systems in Europe and the world. In the Swiss city --which is largely pedestrian-- you have an extensive network of trams, buses and commuter trains, that form more than 80 different lines, a considerable number taking into account that Zurich has just over 400,000 inhabitants. There are also river buses that cross the Limmat River and Lake Zurich. And don't forget the Polybahn, a beautiful funicular that connects the city with the university and that, after being renovated in the late 90s, became one of the main tourist attractions of the city. And since we don't want to forget anything, let's not fail to remember that in Zurich we have some beautiful apartments that could be waiting for you…, like this one.

2. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is always in a tug of war with Barcelona to see which of the two has a better public transport system. But today we opted for the Spanish capital. Madrid has the second largest metro network in Europe, only behind London, but the quality of its maintenance and its connection to the suburban area makes it one of the best of all Europe. Not for any reason is this metro the most densely populated in the world. In addition, it is complemented by the huge network of commuter trains and urban and intercity bus lines, which make the city active 24 hours a day. So we have found this apartment for you right next to the train, the subway and a few buses. How could Madrid not be on this list?

3. Berlin, Germany

Public transport in the German capital is one of the most complete in Europe. You want the subway? You got it. Buses? As many as you want. Train, tram? Of all sizes and types. Ok, let's not exaggerate: Berlin has an enviable public transport system, but if we want to talk about it is mainly thanks to its bike rental networks, as Call a Bike. Berlin is one of the most sustainable European capitals in its urban mobility and their commitment to the bike and cycle paths prove it. More than half a million people cycle around the German capital every day.

4. Milan, Italy

Milan is reputed to have one of the most solid transport systems on the continent. Azenda Transporti Milanesi is the company responsible for managing the city's public transport and has urban bus, intercity, tram and metro lines, as well as a bicycle rental network. Although the tram is great for getting around the city, the most popular transport is the bus, which thanks to its extensive network of lines is more than enough to reach any corner of the city (also at midnight, thanks to its fleet of night buses).

5. Warsaw, Poland

Let's see, Zurich is great and its tram is as good as to fall asleep on it and be circling the city all day. But quality, evidently, needs to be paid (and sometimes a lot). That is why, in contrast, we also want to talk about other cities, such as Warsaw, which may not have the best transport network on the continent, but it does have one of the cheapest. So much that you'll think you haven't paid after buying your ticket. The city is divided into two fare zones, 1 (downtown) and 2 (suburban), and its transport service includes metro, bus and tram, as well as free passes for certain groups such as children or the elderly, and discounts for people under 26. But you also know what's cheap? This stunning apartment we've found in the Polish capital.