As I write this, I am sitting in one of the many gorgeous cafes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The sun is slowly setting behind the mountains and I’m sipping on yet another delicious flat white. I have been here almost two months and I can’t get enough of this multicultural, growing, fascinating and mysterious city. The flourishing dating scene with other digital nomads, entrepreneurs, self-starters, geeks and more, also contributed to my visa extension and lack of desire to pack my bag and keep travelling.

I started writing this article about a month ago and I firstly shaped it as another pessimist post in the lines of  “how crap is dating while travelling, but, then I realised that hey! That’s no true! Dating while travelling is AWESOME and that’s why I had to delete everything and start all over again. As you might not know, I’ve only been back on the dating game for a few month since my ex had the brilliant idea to dump me back in November. If you wish to, you can read about my recovery in Fiji, here (but top up that glass of wine and grab a couple of tissues…) So, as I was saying, I’m kinda new to dates, flirting and playing with romance but it seems that the last 5 years – while I was emotionally busy – have been everything, but boring on the dating scenario. Since I’ve embraced the Kristin Newmans way of living, I’ve tried to beat my shyness and scepticism towards online & offline dating in favour of a fast recovery and possibly, a new, fulfilling temporary romance. Yes, I admit it, while in Malaysia, I installed the infamous Tinder app on my phone and….well,** I went with the flow.** Ok, ok, it is true that this app is filled with two categories of weirdos: the direct sexual stalkers and the marry-me-now ones. By the way, in the second kind: long story short, I had a guy proposing to me after two dates. Guess what? I said no.I also had guys disappearing on me even before I met them as well as requests for pictures!?!?

Oh did I mention the one who said we should go on holiday before even going on a date together?But since I’ve turned 32 (OMG, how’s that possible?!?? Where the f**k was I in the last 10 years?? ) I also realised I could no longer waste time crying with a broken heart on my pillow, I had to focus on finding something. Not necessarily better. (At least for now)

So, it’s in that moment that I made my new statement.I date. Therefore I am.

And in the last few weeks of crazy dating, I learnt a few things that I hope will install some hope to all the single ladies (and men) out there, looking to cross paths not with a soulmate perhaps, but with some interesting people for sure. >Here are the reasons why I think you should also date while travelling full time:

1. Dating while travelling is like a late Erasmus. But more intense: the Cultural Experiment

When you are on an Erasmus program, you travel for a short time or move abroad as a single human being, you inevitably end up dating and meeting with people from other cultures, which is something we, travellers, take for granted, but which does not come as easy if we were sat on our arses back home. To share a bit of personal story here: I’ve had special encounters with an Estonian, a Brit, an American, a Dutch, a Spanish, a Kiwi, an Australian, an Italian and the list goes on…and on.  I am not saying you should go out there and collect STDs, but simply be open to meet people from around the world which makes everything more…spicy and intriguing.  And if for example, the fire doesn’t start, this could just be a very peculiar social experiment. I am actually considering to write an essay about the different dating styles of men from all over the world. Any single friends you want to hook up with me? Only joking (not!) but you know that dating people from the four corners of the world is like a full cultural, political and historical immersion that is not available online or any books.

2. Dating while travelling broadens your languages’ horizon: I speak Russian

Well….Not really.  But one of the people I’m currently seeing speaks Russian and during our horizontal language exchange sessions, we share a few words in Italian and Russian. I am not sure I could ever repeat out loud the words I’m learning, but I never had so much fun learning a new language.
Jokes aside, meeting people from all over the world puts you in the position to learn a language faster than ever. I remember when I firstly moved to London with a broken English and my 3-year relationship with a Brit got me to get an 8 at the IELTS test. #yeahbragging

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