There are many reasons why people who live abroad decide to return home. The reason can be because of work, family, health or even love, but, regardless of this, the decision often involves large amounts of stress that can sometimes be difficult to manage.

Seven Seas Worldwide, a company specialized in moving services, provides useful advice for those who have made this kind of decision. Taking the company's guide as a reference, we have extracted some useful and helpful tips to prevent any type of stress for our Spotahome users.

It is important to keep in mind that it is completely normal to feel stress and anxiety when the move is approaching. These sensations, in addition, can happen for many reasons, among which the following can be highlighted, as pointed out by Seven Seas Worldwide:

  • Separate yourself from your loved ones. Whether going or coming back, moving always means saying goodbye to someone. When you settle in a city, you create a circle of friends and acquaintances who become part of your life and your day-to-day life. And although returning home entails recovering people from your past, the emotional cost that it entails is a price to pay that is more worthwhile if it has already been assumed with sufficient time for reflection.
  • Alteration of your schedules and agenda. There are people who are very attached to their routines and who, in the face of any threat of change, suffer strong blows of stress. Therefore, going home, regardless of the reasons, will involve a time of adaptation to the new rules that will govern the routine.
  • Alteration in your sleep cycles. If a trip is long it will probably involve a time zone change. This, added to the disorders due to the change in routine and life, will probably generate some small disturbance in your sleep cycles, so it is important to ensure that, when you return, you will have time to adjust your body and your head to rest.
  • Attention also to physical health. Faced with a major change in life and, therefore, routine, with a long trip in between, you have to pay as much attention to mental health as physical. Thus, in times of transition it is easy to neglect your health, so it is important not to forget any sense of alarm that the body sends.
  • Manage loneliness. Returning home after a long period of time may have caused you to lose many contacts in what was your usual social circle. For this reason, one must be mentally prepared to, on the one hand, accept that it is normal to feel a little lonely at first, and, on the other, be willing to start new relationships to gradually settle back to a normal life.
  • Manage culture shock. A new city – in this case, an old city – has its own rhythms, its own atmosphere and even its own identity. All this is part of their culture. The advantage of coming back is knowing where one comes back to. Therefore, you have to be prepared to know how to lend yourself to these new cycles and adapt in the best possible way.
  • Basic logistics issues. A long trip and a move involve obvious operational and logistical issues that require a lot of effort. If, in addition, we take into account that it is a permanent displacement in time, it is easy to think that everything we have to move will be of great weight. For this reason, organization is fundamental and all kinds of questions come into it: what do we want to take with us and what not, what can we get rid of, what will the displacement be like... Hence the existence of companies such as Seven Seas Worldwide, specialized in moving services at an international level that guarantees the safety of your belongings.