Guest Author: Lenia Cereceda Spotahome Student Ambassador

When I first came to Milan as a freshman student I met a lot of people from my university in bars. It was the perfect place to really meet people, to hear their embarrassing stories while enjoying some beers and cocktails.

Out of all the bars in Milan these are my favorite. Don’t worry, the prices are for college students!

1. Nottingham Forest

When I first went to Nottingham Forest with my friends we waited in a line for a long time, but I would have waited days, because once we got in, it was by far one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to.

So the first tip is be there as soon as the bar opens so you don’t wait. The best things about Nottingham Forest are the following:

They give you the drinks menu. Yeah I know the menu sounds a bit crazy, but trust me once you have it in your hands you can’t stop reading it, behind every drink there is a story where you learn about where the drink was inspired from. With my friends we took literally one hour to order, because we were so undecided and fascinated by all the options we had.

The second thing is when they bring you the drinks. They don’t serve the drink in ordinary glasses, the presentation of the drink is so original and beautiful that everyone around you will spend another 30 minutes taking pictures of their drinks.

The third thing is that all the drinks are so delicious, you will enjoy every last drop.

The last thing is that since some of the drinks are inspired by countries, you start talking about the places you’ve been to and your worldwide adventures. By far one of the best bars in Milan and probably the world!

Adress: Viale Piave, 1
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Saturday: 6.30pm to 2am
Sunday: 6.30pm to 1am

2. La Fontanella

I’m personally a beer lover, so “La  Fontanella” is the perfect place to try several types of beers and enjoy good music while watching the canals. We usually go to La Fontanella once exams are over, as it is the perfect place to celebrate the ending of the most stressful week in a college student’s life.

The good thing about this place is that you can order a 10 liter beer to share with your friends while eating some nachos and sharing anecdotes.

Additionally, from Monday to Thursday you can play board games while you enjoy your favourite beer. A good way to lay back, relax and socialise with your friends (or people you have just met).

Only 3 things can make me run. When someone yells, 'Fire', 'Free beer' or 'The free beer is on fire'"

Adress: Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, 6
Monday-Saturday: 8.30pm to 2am
Sunday: 8.30pm to 12pm

3. Gino12

When you want a break from delicious Italian wine and you are not in the mood for beer, go to Gino12 located in Navigli it is the best idea. It is a cozy and  beautiful bar where you can choose from several different types and mixtures of gin. I tell you these cocktails are crazily tasty!

Let your night beGIN!

Adress: Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 12
Monday-Sunday: 7.30pm to 1.30am

4. BadaBoom

I’m from Latin America so whenever I am outside my country I miss my music.
Reggaeton is possibly the biggest love of my life, so when I entered this bar and heard the sound of Nicky Jam and other Latino artists, tears of joy fell from eyes. I could see all my other Latin American friends feeling the same way.

This bar is so much fun and there are various types of shots and cocktails you can order. I personally recommend the Rainbow Shots which are sweet and delicious. The good thing about this bar besides their taste in music is their location, you can walk to the most famous nightclubs in Milan (Just Cavalli and Old Fashion) so it’s the perfect place to have a pre-drink and to dance some Reggaeton.

Adress:Corso Sempione, 7
Monday-Friday: 6pm to 2am
Saturday: 6pm to 3am,
Sunday: 6pm to 2am

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